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NeoLux NeoLux combines the power of light with the beauty of innovation TM NeoLux, Daavlin’s latest innovation, combines many unique features that together set it apart from the competition, among them, SmartTouch™ control, Crystal Cool™ temperature management, Crystal Clear™ acrylic interior and more. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, NeoLux is safer, more efficient and more user intuitive than any phototherapy unit currently avail

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Precision Controls SmartTouch can be configured as a stand-alone system in offices with just one device, or as a network, allowing several devices to be linked with a central operating system and common patient database. Scheduling patients between devices is effortless. SmartTouch and SmartTouch Network are EMR compatible. NeoLux can also be equipped with Flex Control, a dosimetry option that does not include the record-keeping/ patient tracking capabilities. Patient Setup means unselectcd Secondary Treatment Treatment Type Language Preferences T/tftil r'jU'dll!

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Industry-Leading Control Technology NeoLux features SmartTouch™ technology, Daavlin's proprietary control system that provides a host of benefits to both the practice and the patient. SmartTouch incorporates such features as permanent patient records, built-in protocols, operator tracking, and monitoring systems that prevent errors in dosing. SmartTouch includes numerous unique features: Patient Amenities During treatment, some patients may become anxious about how much time has elapsed or may feel forgotten. SmartTouch includes a unique voice system that announces the predicted treatment...

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Functionality and patient safety are of paramount importance, and NeoLux™ delivers in a big way. The NeoLux design uses as few as 40 lamps instead of the 48 traditionally found in phototherapy systems. The unique new UV reflecting system enhances efficiency by directing a higher portion of emitted energy into the patient chamber, resulting in shorter treatment times and a more pleasant patient experience. Fewer lamps mean reduced re-lamping costs, lower electrical consumption, less heat generation and potentially lower electrical service installation costs. Another unique new feature, the...

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The NeoLux full-body phototherapy cabinet is roomy and open at the top. Its double doors open wide enough to comfortably fit plus sized patients. The platform can be removed to accommodate a wheelchair. NeoLux features the new Crystal Clear™ acrylic interior, which protects from accidental lamp contact by the patient and provides unobstructed light delivery. In addition to being easy to clean, the sealed acrylic panels prevent dust build-up on the lamps.

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Sample Accent Designs (for more options, visit

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The impression that your office or clinic makes on a patient is important. NeoLux™ has numerous customizable design options that will complement the décor of any office or clinic. To the left is a sampling of available panel designs for the NeoLux. Many more are available at The NeoLux phototherapy system is the most space-efficient professional phototherapy device available. Daavlin’s signature double door design yields a “footprint” or total space occupied that is smaller than competitive units, including older Daavlin models, yet doesn’t compromise patient comfort....

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Delivery and installation will cause surprisingly little disruption to your office routine. Unlike some competitive devices, which are virtually built on-site, Daavlin's NeoLux rolls into the office on castors and is almost immediately ready for in-service training. Our Technical Service is unparalleled in the industry. Our team of experienced field technicians provides first class, professional, on-site assistance while our knowledgeable in-house technical support staff is standing by to answer any questions. NeoLux is backed by Daavlin's comprehensive warranty. Full details are available...

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ilin . UVIII I To learn more about the many benefits of NeoLux and how it can improve your clinical practice, email us at or go to Or, simply call a Daavlin Sales Representative at 1-800-322-8546. Outside the US? Call 1-419-633-3369 or email us at

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