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Let’s Be Clear Daavlin Phototherapy Solutions The Daavlin UV Series The Daavlin UV Series is powerful and versatile, specifically designed for offices with limited space.

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The Daavlin UV Series IS ACCURATE , AFFORDABLE, VERSATILE AND COMPACT Daavlin UV Series Data Height    77 ini    (195.6 cm) Depth (with doors open)]    42 ini    (106.7 cm) The Daavlin UV Series combines space-saving design with maximum efficiency. Twenty-four high output lamps in a compact space means short treatment times. Accurate Daavlin's integrating dosimetry system allows the operator to enter the dose in Joules for UVA and/or milliJoules for UVB. The built-in metering system then automatically adjusts the treatment time to compensate for variations in output, delivering the exact...

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