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Since its founding in 1946, Dabi Atlante always added innovative products and developec new technologies, With more than 80,000 dental sets in operation the company produces and sells chairs, diagnostic imaging and prophylaxis equipment, hand pieces, dental implants and components, The Eagle system is built on an intelligent platform that allows for upgrade between versions. You can buy a Pan system and upgrade later to Ceph and 3D,

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The Eagle system is built on an intelligent platform that allows for upgrade between versions, You can buy a Pan system and upgrade later to Ceph and 3D.

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The Eagle system demonstrates innovative design and brings together the best of global :echnology in all its features, Its high frequency X-ray emitter reduces unnecessary exposure of the patient, Its high speed microprocessor system and mechanics enable precise execution and repeatability for 2D and 3D images,

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Precise Patient Positioning The adjustable height of between 1.20m and 2m, for the frontal positioning of the patient in relation to the operator, tooth clamp with swivel brake, chin support, temple support and three laser beams (Frankfurt, Sagittal Median, and Canines planes) guarantee precise positioning of the patient, including wheelchair users, High Tech Motion The drive system for the latest generation Eagle features three axes, two in orthogonal directions and one in rotation that permit greater flexibility for the preparation of radiographic profiles, which optimise the thickness of...

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The Eagle line was designed to offer diagnostic imaging professionals the most advanced mechanical technology, allied with high capacity precision sensors, and functional and intuitive technology. With Eagle, your clinic is well equipped and prepared to respond with agility and superior quality, Allied to mechanical technology the Eagle system possesses a functional software. It offers such tools as: invert color, image sharpness, local magnification, brightness adjustment and contrast, The system is compatible with all softwares on the market and enables saving and printing in DICQM...

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Precision and high productivity VARIABLE CONE-BEAM Variable Cone-Beam, an exclusive technology developed by Dabi Atlante, guarantees high definition in images with FOV of 5x5,6x8, and 8x8, and also allows for capturing images of larger dimensions, The Eagle 3D V-Beam is the complete solution for diagnostics in three dimensions, especially in applications for endodontics, implantology, and orthodontics. Robotic movement system with microstep drive provides smooth movements without vibrations, developed especially for ultra high definition

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Small FOV optimized for local diagnostics, such es single implant planning, extraction of the 3rd molar, and endodontic procedures, It keeps the patient's exposure dose to a significantly reduced level. Allows for display of the maxilla or mandible. Covers the whole jaw, including mandible, maxilla, and part of the maxillary sinus. Allows for display of the mandible, maxilla, nasal passages, sinus, and both TMJs in the same image. Ideal for orthodontics, it allows for diagnostics on the whole maxillofacial region, Broad, flexible and innovative The new Eagle 3D now features the best in high...

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Touch Screen Panel Simple and intuitive Touch Screen Panel albws for choice of the radiographic profile and the correct selection of the KV, changing according to the patient type (adult/child) and the scale (small, medium, and large), among other functions, Scout Image Of interest in the 3D examination, preventing Quick mods: with only the side snapshot, Quick mode for positioning the patient and moving directly to the 3D, providing for greater productivity Complete mode: with the side and front snapshot, it guarantees even more precise positioning, especially for examinations with small...

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IMAGING SYSTEMS Our imaging line, consisting of intraoral X-ray, intraoral CSIC, took the lead in the Brazilian market and also United States. DENTAL SETS The line has cffice's design and the techrology that every With high precision technology, instruments are developed with superior to increase your office implants offers moder products, functional, precision, combining

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