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HIGH PRODUCTIVITY WITH HIGH QUALITY. New IDA offers the evolution with 2.0 software, expanding your professional vision in all directions. Measurement in multiple points and angles as well as calibration. Rotation, zoom, brightness, contrast, color inversion, histogram adjustment, selection, cropping. Registers patients, dentists and insurance plans. Captures high-definition images in real time. Saves in the DICOM, JPEG, TIF, BMP, and PNG formats. Prints on DICOM and conventional printers. Software in English, Spanish, Portuguese. Inserts into the image texts, arrows, circles, and freehand...

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ONE PRODUCT, MANY BENEFITS. MUCH MORE FOR YOUR CLINIC. New IDA digital intraoral sensor Type of sensor: CMOS Resolution: 25,000 line pairs per millimeter Size 1:20x30mm (active area) Operating system: Windows 7 or higher Anatomically rounded • Sensor with internal silicone finish, more resistance to falls • Easy cable replacement on site • Option for installation of the sensor next to the head of the X-Ray • Three-meter cable which allows for greater distance between the

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DABI ATLANTE Since its founding in 1946, Dabi Atlante always added innovative products and developed new technologies, With more than 80,000 dental sets in operation the company produces and sells chairs, diagnostic imaging and prophylaxis equipment, hand pieces, dental implants IMAGING SYSTEMS X-ray, intraoral sensor, also significant exports The line has office's design and the technology that every professional needs. Intelligent meet the most demanding technology, instruments are developed with superior quality materials providing Dabi has high-tech and fully reliable peripheral. A...

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