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Dabir Surfaces

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DABIR SURFACES A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO PRESSURE ULCER MANAGEMENT Invented by Surgeons. Engineered for Patients and Caregivers. Our research found that by distributing body weight across many small points of alternating contact, the conditions which promote healthy tissue perfusion may be enhanced. Dabir technology targets the key circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow with a revolutionary nodal support technology that has the potential to aid in the fight against pressure ulcers. Reza Dabir, M.D., F.A.C.S., FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Eng.) Dabir Overlays are engineered to address primary device related factors (such as prolonged pressure, skin shear, heat and moisture removal at the support surface interface) that contribute to pressure ulcers and discomfort in patients who are immobilized. The Dabir Overlay System Provides: • lternating Nodal Support & Tissue Relief A (Augments Tissue Perfusion) Reza Dabir, M.D., a Cardiovascular Surgeon dedicated to saving lives and improving patient outcomes, has long been concerned by the complication of tissue breakdown in the elderly and immobilized patient population. Dabir™ support-surface overlay technology represents a revolutionary and comprehensive approach towards prevention of what Medicaid & Medicare deem a “Medical Never Event” — Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers. How it all began: The inspiration for the Dabir Overlay system came from the ancient bed-of-nails concept where a person is safely supported by distributing their body weight across many small points of contact. Dr. Dabir recognized that in doing so, the key circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic flow within the skin could be maintained. The hypothesis was that an overlay comprised of soft “comfort nodes” instead of nails could similarly preserve tissue and aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Today: Dabir Surfaces, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Methode Electronics, was formed with the sole purpose of introducing this breakthrough in therapeutic support technology to the health care industry. • wo types of Skin-Shear Relief T (Inflation & Immersion Shear Effects) • ow-Air-Loss Microclimate Control L (Excess Heat & Moisture Removal) • Enhanced Infection Control (Disposable) • n Ergonomic Caregiver Solution A (Thin, easy to deploy overlay.) • Improved Patient Stability • X-Ray Translucent Support • Adjustable Cycle Rate & Firmness Control dabir-surfaces.com Phone 248-796-0802 Fax 248-354-6667 24585 Evergreen Rd., Southfield, MI 48075 ONE MISSION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF PRESSURE ULCERS

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DABIR ALTERNATING PRESSURE RELIEF Lab testing has demonstrated that the Dabir alternating nodal support geometry provides localized pressure relief when measuring both human subjects and simulated loads. CONTROL UNIT (Standard Mattress w/o Overlay) PRESSURE MAPPING Easy Power Activation Smart Interconnect System Cycle Speed Control Firmness Control OVERLAY FEATURES Support Pressure Zone 1: Inflated Zone 2: Deflated Zone 1: Deflated Zone 2: Inflated PRESSURE RELIEF Dabir’s alternating cycle relieves compressed tissue and promotes localized intersticial tissue perfusion. Human Subject: Side...

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