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Contents Datesand Consumables At Datesand we’ve been meeting and exceeding the everyday supply needs of our customers for nearly 40 years. Our unrivalled experience in the Biotechnology sector and our close partnerships with our customers have helped us to develop the widest range of products offered by a single supplier in our industry today. We are passionate about supplying the highest quality products and providing the very highest levels of customer service. Our commitment to keeping our customers at the leading edge of market technology is demonstrated by our continued focus on the...

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Datesand tailor made services Alongside our wide range of high quality great value products, we also offer a variety of special services designed to fit your specific needs. Services can be tailor-made to fit your precise requirements without ever compromising on efficiency or quality. Irradiation service • Service includes vacuum packing of new or existing items • • • • requirements Autoclave bagging, vacuum packing, double & triple packing, bespoke pack size and shape This symbol means the product is autoclavable to a temperature of 121°c. When you see this symbol that product is...

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1. Highest Quality Laboratory Animal Bedding As the UK’s leading supplier of research grade wood bedding, we lead the way in developing the highest standards of manufacture and quality assurance. We strongly believe that provision of quality bedding and nesting materials constitutes the very foundation of good animal welfare. The Datesand bedding and nesting range has grown organically over many years, as experience and research have made clear the requirements for different species, strains and research techniques. Today, we have the widest selection of bedding and nesting materials,...

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Datesand Bedding Products Animal Bedding Animal Bedding Aspen Bedding is manufactured using the best natural raw materials (Populus tremula). All materials conform to GLP and are manufactured in ISO accredited facilities with full batch traceability and certificates of analysis. The chips are heated at 100 - 120˚C, screened and sieved under constant monitoring. The end product is practically dust-free and is ideal for mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. It is also good for hairless animals. The bedding is very absorbent, circulates well and does not clot. Due to the large chip...

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dispensing Ideal for automated Produced in certified facilities from carefully selected spruce raw material and sifted to remove virtually all dust, these soft wood flakes provide a comfortable, absorbent substrate and an excellent foraging medium suitable for all species. This material performs well in all types of cage and enclosure. The flakes are very absorbent and are easy to remove when soiled. Eco-pure flakes 5 comes in 15kgs sacks each containing enough bedding to fill up to 180 cages. Smaller packs of 8kgs are also available for customers who require this. Designed specifically for...

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Animal Bedding Poplar bedding The sister product to Chips6 with a very slightly wider range of chip size. Chips7 is sourced from sustainable European softwood forests and milled under QA audited conditions to the highest standards. An excellent bulk bedding which has received great customer feedback whilst in use with rodents, dogs and guinea pigs amongst other species. Datesand ECO 7-D is delivered normally within 24 hours in standard 90 litre polypropylene sacks (approximately 10kgs) or in the slightly larger 12.5kgs sacks. One standard sack can fill up to 150 cages dependent on cage type...

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shavings premium xlshavings premium A high quality traditional wood shaving product, milled from sustainable European softwoods and dust extracted during production. Light and fluffy, this bedding type offers a great bulk bedding product, perfect for use in pens with larger species or where deep litter is required. Highest quality bedding materials made from European soft woods, manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards exclusively for Datesand at our mill in Cheshire. With full batch traceability and certificates of analysis, all grades conform to GLP standards. Animal Bedding Our largest...

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High quality animal bedding manufactured from 100% natural corn cobs, with full batch traceability and certificates of analysis. Provides superior bottom up absorption keeping animals on a dry surface and controlling ammonia build up. High quality animal bedding manufactured from 100% natural corn cobs, with full batch traceability and certificates of analysis. Provides superior bottom up absorption keeping animals on a dry surface and controlling ammonia build up. Natural corncob bedding with blended paper chips to promote animal activity. Available with full traceability and certification...

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Animal Bedding Biodegradable Produced in the UK Proven cost savings Significant animal welfare benefits Recycled & environmentally-friendly 3Rs LAB is produced from >99% recycled paper and utilizes no virgin material, additives or chemicals. As a recycled product it reduces landfill, reduces pollution and uses fewer resources than using virgin material. History The 3Rs LAB product has its origins in a similar product developed and produced for use in laboratory animal facilities in Australia over 15 years ago. Since 2010, 3Rs LAB has been produced in a custom-built processing plant in the...

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Aubiose Hemp Bedding Pure white paper chip bedding produced in FDA certified facilities, with full traceability and certification to comply with GLP standards. Large surface area provides high absorption capacity Clean, white chips for improved observation Completely biodegradable Virtually dust free Particle size: 4x4mm chips 100% natural, organically cultivated hemp Time and labour-saving bedding system – reduction in mucking out time and waste Readily compostable and environmentally friendly Extremely absorbent and dust free Cost effective and economical bedding system...

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