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Aerosol Mask Intended use: An aerosol mask is a device placed over a patient's nose or mouth to administer aerosolized humidification or medication for patients to inhale. Instruction for Use: 1. Place the aerosol mask over the patient's face and place the elastic band behind the head to adjust the proper tightness. 2. Connect tubing or other compatible fittings to the aerosol mask depending on the needs of the application. Warning: 1. The product is for single patient use, the maximum recommended is 7 days. 2. Please confirm the integrity of all parts and packaging before use. If there is any doubt or damage, please do not use this product. 3. This instruction is only a general indication, and it still needs to be used by professional medical personnel. 4. Dispose of in accordance with the local medical waste disposal regulations. 5. The device is for single use only. Any modification, rework, or sterilization will result in device malfunction or failure; and will also increase the risk of cross-infection of disease. 6. Discontinue use if discomfort occurs, and consult your physician. Specification:Child/Adult Manufacturing date: 2018/07/23 Expiratory date: 2021/07/22 Manufacturing lot: 180723

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