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Product Name: Nasal Cannula Function: The nasal oxygen cannula is a two-protrusion device that allows oxygen to be input from the patient's nostrils. Instruction for Use : 1. Place the transnasal oxygen cannula on the patient's face, place the nasal connector into the patient's nasal cavity, and adjust the oxygen nasal cannula to the appropriate tightness. 2. Connect the oxygen tube connector at the other end of the oxygen nasal cannula to the flow meter to adjust the oxygen to the appropriate flow rate for patient use. Warning: 1. The product is used by a single patient. 2. Please make sure all parts are connected before use. 3. This instruction is only a general indication, and it still needs to be used by professional medical personnel. 4. "This product may dissolve the plasticizer Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), used by sensitive groups such as male infants, pregnant or lactating women, and adolescent males. For medical products, medical professionals are advised to include DEHP's health risk concerns into clinical treatment considerations." 5. Please confirm the integrity of the packaging and product before use. Do not use if it is damaged or damaged. 6. The maximum recommended life of this device is 7 days. 7. Dispose of in accordance with the local medical waste disposal regulations. Specification:Adult/child/infant Valid period: 3 years

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