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NIV Face Mask REF: 1701 / 1702 / 1703 Intended use: This product is an interface device used to connect the breathing apparatus and patient-side for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) treatment of patients, with a variety of applicable conditions, and effective to achieve high efficiency of respiratory support. Headgear Assembly Diagram Product Parts Silicone mask Headgear connecting ring Quick release buckle connection column Mask Frame Quick release buckle  Instructions for use:  Inspect the package and product appearance before using. Please do not use if there are any worn or damaged parts.  Take out the mask set and L-type connector from the box and snap the L-type connector into the mask.  See headgear assembly diagram: hook headgear point A to the connecting rings on both sides.  Connect the headgear point B hook and loop.  Hold the mask over nose and mouth, and then position the headgear.  Fast release buckle to the mask frame Quick release buckle connection column.  Adjust the head straps and the hook and loop of the mask comfortably.  L-type connector side ISO 4.3mmOD hole for measurement monitoring use.  After wearing, connect the ventilator tubing connector to the ISO 22mmID for use.  Quick release buckle can be easily removed, al

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 Cleaning:  This product is reusable for single patient.  Follow the procedures for cleaning/sterilization in medical institutions.  Wash the headgear strap with warm water and neutral detergent or soap. After rinse, air-dry the strap and keep away from direct sunlight or the dryer.  Mask and L-type connector can be disconnected for cleaning. Wash with warm water and neutral detergent or soap. After rinse, dry in a cool place. Do not put it in the dryer.  The uncovered can be autoclaved 25 times with the 15minute*121℃ high temperature steam (pressure) sterilization method. Multiple...

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