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Product Name: Oxygen Mask/Oxygen Mask Kit Function: Product Effectiveness: An oxygen mask is an aerosol placed on the patient's nose, mouth or tracheal incision to supply oxygen or aerosol. Instruction for Use : 1. Place the oxygen mask over the patient's face and place the elastic band over the back of the head to adjust the proper tightness. 2. The oxygen mask is connected to the oxygen conduit, the oxygen conduit is connected to the flow meter, and the oxygen is adjusted to an appropriate flow rate for the patient to use. Warning: 1. The product is used by a single patient. 2. Please make sure all parts are connected before use. 3. This instruction is only a general indication, and it still needs to be used by professional medical personnel. 4. Please confirm the appearance of the package and the product before use. If it is damaged or damaged, please do not use it. 5. The maximum recommended life of this device is 7 days. 6. Dispose of in accordance with the local medical waste disposal regulations. Specification:Adult/child Valid period: 3 years

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