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De Lama: DLOG - ETo (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilizer


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De Lama: DLOG - ETo (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilizer - 1

DLOG & DLOG/V Series The industrial low temperature autoclaves for treatment of temperature sensitive packed medical products (e.g. empty syringes, catheters, sutures etc.), antique books and furnitures Parapharmaceutical Industry MAIN FEATURES Wide range of chambers sizes and configurations Heavy duty construction for industrial use Compliant with the current International standards No-proprietary, high quality components SCADA Windows OS control system, CFR 21-Part 11

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De Lama: DLOG - ETo (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilizer - 2

DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION & FUNCTIONAL FEATURES •• steam generator for load humidification/ conditioning, prior to sterilant injection into the chamber, to allow sterilant best penetration into the load •• group for ETO and water separation on the exhaust line, inclusive of reduction and stabilization group for the gas conveyed to a combustor system •• air inlet absolute filter with 0,22 micron cartridge for chamber vent •• gas inlet filter with 50 micron cartridge for sterilant injection into the chamber •• capacity from 640 lts up to 50 m3 •• entry connections for thermometry, vacuum test and...

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