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Unwavering light. Graceful touch. Today DEKA offers physicians the complete range of laser and light systems for minimally invasive applications in the medical and aesthetics fields. DEKA’s revolutionary Laser Technologies have been adopted worldwide.

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Excellence in Laser Technology. From DEKA has its roots in a culture that has made excellence of thought its dominant feature. An innovative corporate culture, coupled with remarkable scientific expertise, makes DEKA a world-class leader in the field of laser technology. Due to its invaluable cultural heritage and unique historical background DEKA encompasses into its vision a promise of universal value: to turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for mankind. Through its excellence represented symbolically by the number ten, “DEKA” in Ancient Greek, the Company expresses the...

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Unwavering light. Graceful touch. SmartXide2 MEDICINE AND AESTHETICS – V2LR – SURGERY – DENTISTRY The Evolution of the CO2 Laser Starts with the SmartXide2 System: Unique, Versatile, Multidisciplinary The multidisciplinary and multifunctional features of DEKA’s new SmartXide2 system, make it an authentic novelty in the world of CO2 and diode lasers. SmartXide2 comes fully equipped with a complete multi-branch database and specific handpieces, scanners or the micromanipulator, that make it equally suitable for use in: • Dermatology and Aesthetics • V2LR (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping) •...

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Delicate flutter, strong results Unwavering light. Graceful touch. Synchro REPLA:Y MEDICINE AND AESTHETICS The Newest Platform for Hair Removal Specialists with the First Alexandrite Laser Working at 3 Hz Synchro REPLA:Y is a breakthrough laser multi-platform offering different configurations to specifically address the needs of medical clinics. Available Sources: • Alexandrite laser • Nd:YAG long & short pulsed laser • FT pulsed light handpiece Main Applications: • Hair removal for all skin types and all hair types • Face and leg telangiectasias • Sun and age spots Synchro REPLAY is...

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Synchro VasQ Setting the Gold Standard in Vascular Skin Treatment The Best Solution for Treating Multicolored Tattoos and Pigmented Lesions DEKA Body Shaping: Harmony of the Body Becomes Science Available Sources: • Dye laser • ye lamp handpiece D with RightLightTM technology Main Applications: • WS, deep and superficial P vascular lesions • Pigmented spots • Scars and stretch marks Thanks to the combination of dye laser and RightLightTM dye lamp Synchro VasQ can dose and dispense the appropriate energy even in the treatment of finer superficial lesions where there is less haemoglobin. The...

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Delicate flutter, strong results Unwavering light. Graceful touch. DOT Therapy: Advanced CO2 Fractional Technology The Widest Range of Customized Treatments on the Market DEKA Pulsed Light: Light, Compact, Extremely Versatile Available Source: • O2 laser C Available Sources: • d:YAG long & short N pulsed laser • FT pulsed light handpiece Available Source: • FT pulsed light Main Applications: • ractional skin resurfacing F (DOT Therapy) • rinkles W • cars S • un and age spots S • kin surgery S SmartXide DOT is a S-pulsed CO2 laser utilizing two innovative technologies SmartPulse and...

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A Complete System for Targeted and Selective Phototherapy Pulse and Wavelength: Perfect Synergy for Laserlipolysis Greater Selectivity in Treating Tattoos and Pigmented Lesions Available Source: • EL@308 nm M (Monochromatic Excimer Light) Available Sources: • Nd:YAG gradient pulse Available Sources: • Q-switched Nd:YAG laser • Q-switched KTP laser Main Applications: • Vitiligo • Psoriasis • Atopic dermatitis • Alopecia areata • Mycosis fungoides Excilite-µ was the world’s first XeCI portable lamp, and the most diffused being homologated worldwide. Main Applications: • Laserlipolysis •...

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Pulsed Light Nd:YAG Gradient Pulse - 1064 nm Skin Surgery Vascular Lesions Psoriasis & Vitiligo Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping Tattoo Removal Skin Tightening Very Good Sources - Wavelengths Hair Removal DEKA Systems Gold Standard Anti-Aging & Wrinkles Benign Pigmented Lesions Medicine & Aesthetics Radio Frequency Diode CW/PW - 980 nm SmartXide DOT CO2 - 10600 nm Nd:YAG Short Pulse - 1064 nm Nd:YAG Long Pulse - 1064 nm Pulsed Light Nd:YAG QS - 1064 nm Synchro QS4 Red QS - 650 nm Nd:YAG Short Pulse - 1064 nm Synchro REPLA:Y Nd:YAG Long Pulse - 1064 nm Alexandrite - 755 nm Pulsed Light Synchro...

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Delicate flutter, strong results Unwavering light. Graceful touch. “A science is not completely known until one knows its history”. Auguste Comte The History of a Great Italian Company. DEKA’s history is a journey through three decades of research and testing, a reference point for scholars and researchers alike. DEKA was born as spin-off of the El. En. Company, founded in 1981. The early ‘80s are featured by the production of CO2 laser systems for dermatology, surgery and therapy. In the 90’s DEKA developed Nd:YAG laser systems for dentistry and minimally invasive treatments in the...

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The Full Range for Medical Applications. Systems and solutions for a multitude of medical sectors. Medicine and Aesthetics Acclaim on international markets makes DEKA an undisputed leader in this field. A reference point for the international medical-cosmetic community, DEKA is a source of constant innovation, such as the invention of the long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser, the Laserlipolysis, or the DOT Therapy, now among the most widely used systems and techniques in dermatology. Surgery Scientific know-how and technological evolution make DEKA one of the most reliable companies for surgical...

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Delicate flutter, strong results Unwavering light. Graceful touch. DEKA Worldwide. From local excellence to international success DEKA’s global and local dimensions The Florence headquarters are the nerve centre of a large global network. DEKA produces, distributes and markets laser systems in more than 80 countries worldwide: a truly international, multicultural community. DEKA’s branches in France, Japan and USA are instead a direct support for physicians and business partners in the most strategic markets. Italy DEKA Laser Via Baldanzese 17 50041 Calenzano, Florence Usa DEKA MEDICAL,...

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