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Staying on TOP Safety and Efficacy in Vascular Treatments DENAVE stands out in Aesthetics and Dermatology DE<A Innate Ability

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DENAVE Quick Wins: Extensive areas of Rosacea| Diffuse Telangiectasias Birthmarks |Hemangiomas | Age Spot | Lentigos WHAT’S DenaVe? The new DenaVe system is a 585 nm solid state laser emitting through fiberoptic It uses FSOPS (Frequency Shifted Optically Pumped Semiconductor) Technology and it represents the perfect solution for physicians focused on optimal vascular and pigmentation outcomes with minimal cost of ownership and patient downtime. Why Choosing DenaVe: High Technology 585 nm Laser (it’s not a Dye) FSOPS Technology makes DenaVe the gold standard for the treatment of vascular...

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A Solid State Technology that Exceeds the Limits of Pulsed Dye Laser 585 nm wavelength has been considered the elective gold standard solution for superficial vascular applications for over 20 years. DenaVe is the first compact and transportable laser to produce a true 585 nm wavelength. DenaVe works in either continuous or pulsed ways and it eliminates pulsed dye lasers maintenance and consumable cost. The DenaVe pulsed emission Is shorter than the vessel's TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) guaranteing a purpura-free treatment with minimum downtime. This makes the system to be suitable for all...

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OPTISCAN™: A Unique Integrated Scanner to Speed Up and Maximize Precision OptiScan™ scanner technology allows treatments of large areas in a very precise, safe and quick way. The scanner selectable parameters provide users with optimal management of laser heat distribution for any specific treatment. The scanner accuracy ensures precise and homogeneous results while limiting unnecessary heat to unaffected areas for a perfect treatment customization. ♦ Variable pitch / density ♦ Random pattern for safety and comfort ♦ Selectable filling modes ♦ Adjustable treatment area size ♦ Multiple shapes

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Clinical Results Courtesy of Thomas Griffin Jr, M.D., PA, USA Courtesy of Paolo Sbano, M.D., Dermatologist - Viterbo (Italy) Published by kind permission of Quanta System Courtesy of Paolo Sbano, M.D., Dermatologist - Viterbo (Italy) Published by kind permission of Quanta System

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Only for DEKA Users: a great support in medical practice DE<A

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True 585 nm wavelength in either continuous or pulsed modes Fiberoptic reliability and durability OptiScan™ for selective treatments with minimal epidermal damage No maintenance or consumable costs

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CAUTION - Visible and invisible laser radiation. Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation. Class 4 laser product. This brochure is not intended for the market of USA. Innate Ability www.dekalaser.comDealer stamp Quanta System S.p.A. © DEKA 003-0172-20-020 _Rev 1.1 DEKA Innate Ability A spin-off of the El.En. Group, DEKA is a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of lasers and light sources for applications in the medical field. DEKA markets its devices in more than 80 countries throughout an extensive network of international distributors...

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