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SmartXIDE HS - 1

SMARTXIDE HS DEKA Robotic Technologies: Enhancing the Art of Surgery ENT Microsurgery and Surgery Colposcopic Gynaecology SmartXide HS: Technological Excellence at the Service of the Professional

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SmartXIDE HS - 2

SMARTXIDE HS: POWER, PRECISION AND AUTOMATION OF THE MOVEMENT The use of the CO2 laser has greatly enhanced operating methods in the field of ENT microsurgery and colposcopic gynaecological surgery. The mini-invasive CO2 laser surgery, backed by advanced technologies, offers significant advantages over traditional techniques. The professional expertise of the surgeon, combined with innovative and robotised systems such as SmartXide HS, guarantees excellent results while reducing hospitalisation and enhancing patient comfort. A world leader in technological excellence, DEKA has designed...

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SmartXIDE HS - 3

SMARTXIDE HS DEKA INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES: ROBOTICS AT THE SERVICE OF MICROSURGERY Years of working alongside professionals and researchers have made it possible for DEKA to design a state-of-the-art CO2 laser system. The operating excellence of SmartXide HS stems from a combination of the most exclusive technologies: the scanner with incorporated HiScan Surgical management, the EasySpot micromanipulator and SmartPulse technology act in synergy to facilitate the performance of all photoablative treatments while ensuring minimal invasiveness. Thermal effect Pulse Length - Dwell Time...

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SmartXIDE HS - 4

THE BENEFITS OF HISCAN SURGICAL Dwell time HI-SCAN Focal: Antf Ctodt The synergic combination of DEKA's software and the micrometric implementation system with the HiScan scanner and EasySpot micromanipulator makes it possible to: • Perform more accurate and well-defined incisions, • Control the depth and the percentage of coagulation on each scan, • Carry out ablations with single, repeated and continuous scan. Two different operating modes make it possible to select the most suitable function for incision and ablation of tissues: The Colour touch screen of SmartXide HS has been designed...

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SmartXIDE HS - 5

EASYSPOT MICROMANUPULATOR: PRECISION AND SAFETY IN THE SURGICAL ACT % 80 70 Laser Microsurgery Total laryngectomy 10 Vertical partial surgery Variation of surgical techniques in treating laryngeal tumours [From: E. De Campora et. al. “La laser chirurgia endoscopica nel trattamento dei tumori glottici” . Final report from LXXXVIII National Congress SIO – Genoa (Italy) – 2001] EasySpot has been designed by DEKA for a precise purpose: to offer specialists a specific instrument for operating in maximum safety even on areas where the utmost precision and accuracy is crucial. Thanks to the...

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SmartXIDE HS - 6

THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION FOR ALL ENT TREATMENTS The applications and advantages of CO2 laser in ENT are numerous and well-known. Tools such as the micromanipulator and scanner, that enable the use of automated cutting and ablation methods, make this instrument an indispensable ally for surgeons in reducing risks and solving all ENT problems. 1 month Laryngeal Oedema Cordite Polipoide SmartXide HS, with the EasySpot micromanipulator and scanner Surgical HiScan, is the new Gold Standard for laryngeal microsurgery for use in innumerable applications such as: ● Cordectomies and cordotomies ●...

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SmartXIDE HS - 7

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN GYNAECOLOGY In Gynaecology, the colposcopy-guided SmartXide HS, together with the EasySpot micromanipulator and HiScan Surgical scanner, makes it possible to safely and effectively treat the majority of pathologies of the lower female genital tract. This surgery is mini-invasive and offers significant advantages over other techniques. The versatility of this system allows the operator to use both the excision and ablative scanning methods. By reducing to a minimum anaesthesia, vasoconstrictors and above all, thermal damage to the healthy tissues, there are...

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SmartXIDE HS - 8

TECHNICAL DATA SmartXide HS and SmartXide_50 HS Laser Type Emission Mode Peak power Beam Delivery Articulated arm with 7 mirrors and counterweight Aiming Beam Control Panel LCD Colour Touch Screen Accessories (optional) HiScan Surgical scanner system. EasySpot micromanipulator. A wide range of handpieces is available and designed for different surgical applications. Electrical Requirements HiScan Surgical Scanner System Maximum Scanning Area Dwell Time Ablation Depth (selectable for every single scanning passage) Scanning Modes Power Mode, Depth Mode Scanning Shapes Point, Line, Circular...

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