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SYNCHRO REPLA:Y SYNCHRO REPLA:Y Hair Removal Vascular Treatments Benign Pigmented Lesions Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) Onychomycosis The First Alexandrite Laser Working at 3 Hz DEKA Intelligent Technologies: Experts From the Start

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SYNCHRO REPLA:Y THE FASTEST AND MOST POWERFUL ALEXANDRITE LASERS IN THE WORLD: 3 HZ AND 125 W Physicians worldwide agree that the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths are the most efficacious for hair removal treatments. Today DEKA anticipates the future introducing a NEW Alexandrite source: the fastest and most powerful in the world. The fastest laser because it works up to 3 Hz, while the standard is still 2 Hz! The most powerful laser because it reaches 125 W, at least 25% more than any other laser in the market! Other than these increased performances the Alexandrite laser source can...

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SYNCHRO REPLA:Y WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL SYSTEMS FOR HAIR REMOVAL Synchro REPLA:Y is a breakthrough laser platform for hair removal offering a widest range of wavelengths by using an Alexandrite laser with and without a combination of Nd:YAG laser. The benefits of Synchro REPLA:Y multi platform enables physicians to adapt the characteristics of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers together with a flexible and optional pulsed lamp: DEKA FT source. Synchro REPLA:Y is a product especially designed for reaching the right range of energies and frequencies for the most effective and fastest hair removal...

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POWERFUL, FAST, COMPLETE A PLATFORM FOR TRUE SPECIALISTS Synchro REPLA:Y has nowadays the most powerful (125 W) and fastest (3 Hz) Alexandrite laser for the first time together with the unrivalled characteristics of DEKA Nd:YAG lasers (150 W - 20 mm spot size). Synchro REPLA:Y offers six different configurations to specifically address the needs of medical clinics. Synchro REPLA:Y Excellium Systems Two new powerful systems are joining the range of Synchro REPLA:Y systems: Main skin chromophores absorption spectrum: Melanin, Water and Oxyhaemoglobin. Excellium 3.4, the most powerful...

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INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF SIMPLICITY FT pulsed light handpiece with 5 interchangeable filters: A complete range of wavelengths at the physician’s fingertips. Synchro REPLA:Y with the FT Pulsed Light Handpiece The versatile FT lamp can be added to the system at any time, enhancing the user capability in treating superficial vascular and pigmented lesions. The FT lamp covers a large treatment area (6.3 cm2) which can be cooled down to 4° C. In addition, a special system configuration allows the physician to change the filter of the wavelength to adapt the light emission to the treatment...

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LASER DEPTH AND PULSED LIGHT FLEXIBILITY COMBINED IN A COMPLETE PLATFORM The deep action of the laser source is sustained and optimised on the surface by the FT pulsed light handpiece. The FT pulsed light features an innovative interchangeable filter system. Physicians can select the most suitable wavelength for the type of application or patient’s phototype simply by replacing the filter, without changing the entire handpiece. Maximum versatility, maximum flexibility of use: changing the filter is a quick and simple operation which enables the physician to use this platform for all...

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TECHNICAL DATA Alexandrite Laser Module Models Laser Type Laser Power From 2 to 50 ms (single pulse) From 4 to 80 ms (twin pulse) From 0.2 to 50 ms (single pulse) From 0.4 to 80 ms (twin pulse) Pulse Duration Total Pulse Length Number of Pulses Repetition Rate Spot Sizes (optional) Nd:YAG Module Models Laser Type Laser Power Pulse Duration From 0.6 to 10 ms (High Peak Mode) From 0.2 to 10 ms (High Peak Mode) From 0.2 to 10 ms (High Peak Mode) From 2 to 50 ms (Standard Mode) From 2 to 30 ms (Standard Mode) From 2 to 50 ms (Standard Mode) Delay between Pulses Total Pulse Length From 10 to 125...

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TECHNICAL DATA FT Pulsed Light Handpiece (Optional for All Synchro REPLA:Y Models) Source Spectrum of Emission Energy per Pulse Pulse Duration Delay between Pulses Total Pulse Length Repetition Rate Treatment Area Skin Cooler Integrated Sapphire Cooling General System Specifications Models Aiming Beam for Lasers Green Diode Laser @ 532 nm - 4 mW Emission Control Laser Handpiece Cooling Integrated Skin Cooler DataBase Lines Electrical Requirements HAIR REMOVAL - VASCULAR TREATMENTS BENIGN PIGMENTED LESIONS - NON-ABLATIVE SKIN REJUVENATION PSEUDOFOLLICULITIS BARBAE (PFB) - ONYCHOMYCOSIS...

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