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Medical Imaging R/F remote controlled systems radiology ahead

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suudisAs o/iode apollo systems

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quality&innovation In the wide range of radio-fluoroscopy systems, the Apollo and Apollo EZ remote controlled tables have stood out over time for their unique and innovative features, making them particularly valued by users for their extensive application capacity, their ease of use and excellent image quality. These features make them among the most appreciated products by radiology professionals. This appreciation reinforced in Villa the idea that for these remote controlled systems, it was important to take another step towards innovation. So some features already introduced in DRF...

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Apollo is Villa’s remote controlled table that allows you to get the best from the R/F room, offering a range of fast and accurate movements that ensure an extraordinary application capability of the system, thus reducing examination preparation times and improving patient comfort. Tilting by 90° in both directions makes it possible to install the remote controlled table in the most diverse configurations of the diagnostic room, allowing top results to be obtained in any environment. The wide movement of the tube/spot film assembly allows total patient exploration without having to move the...

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performances & flexibility Extended SID up to 180cm Furthermore, the focus-film distance, which can be extended up to 180 cm, makes it possible to examine the chest directly on the remote controlled table. The adjustable height from the floor and the completely smooth surface of the examination table make patient access easier and simplify transfer procedures from the stretcher. In addition, the sturdy and reliable mechanical structure has a maximum capacity of 284 kg, with no movement restrictions, thus also making it possible to examine bariatric patients. Apollo is available in the Open...

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efficiency meets simplicity Apollo EZ is the solution designed to overcome any installation limits in narrow spaces, thanks to its compact mechanical structure, and to allow an R/F room to be created with an affordable investment. The table is available with transversal (2-way) tabletop movement, for maximum compactness, or with 4-way tabletop movement, to offer maximum patient exploration, combining tabletop and tube/spot film assembly longitudinal movement. Moreover, Apollo EZ includes functional features that enable the great application flexibility typical of the Apollo line, such as...

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compact & reliable 2-way or 4-way tabletop movements

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apollo DR-Wi the powerful hybrid solution The innovative DR-Wi version of Apollo and Apollo EZ is designed to get the most out of the combined use of the wireless Flat Panel and the analogue remote controlled table with appropriately optimised functions. This solution reduces work times and further improves the quality of the images compared with the use of Computed Radiography systems or with cassette-film combinations, while reducing the dose delivered to the patient. The significant functional versatility of the DR-Wi version is given by the focus-detector distance variable up to 180 cm,...

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versatility & productivity The workflow is simplified even more by the availability of the Multi-Grid system, which automatically selects the most suitable anti-scatter grid based on the focus-detector distance set. Should grid use not be required, such as when examining paediatric patients or extremities, the grid can be parked automatically outside the X-ray field, thus resulting in a reduction in the dose delivered. Particular importance has been given to the integration of the automatic Stitching procedure, which consists in the automatic acquisition process of a set of X-ray exposures...

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apollo systems designed for the patient care Based on an upgraded, high performance hardware architecture, the new remote control console introduces features and solutions that further increase ease of use and efficiency of the system, thus helping to speed up the workflow and increase productivity in the R/F room. The operator can simply and intuitively control the entire system through the wide touch screen interface, where the information on the table position and operating mode are instantly displayed. The new smart-touch joysticks, made with touch-sensitive material, ensure that table...

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ergonomics & functionality The spot film device, compatible with numerous formats of radiographic cassettes, makes the preparation of the examination simple and fast through the automatic cassette loading and alignment mechanism, thus allowing multiple images to be acquired in succession on the same film through the line and cross divisions. This system also allows the anti-scatter grid to be automatically parked outside the X-ray field, in order to reduce the dose delivered. The TV chain with image intensifier and CCD camera can always capture images at the highest levels, thanks to the...

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radiology ahead Competence in x-ray systems Villa Sistemi Medicali is one of the most important manufacturers of radiological systems worldwide. Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in X-ray field, the company's know-how covers all technologies which can create a modern radiographic examination room. A wide range of equipment Our range of products includes: • Digital X-Ray systems • Remote controlled tables • Classical tilting tables • General rad rooms • Mobile units • Surgical C arms • Mammography • Dental units: intra-oral, panoramic and 3D. Our priority: Technical Service A wide...

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