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System Overview Enhanced Workflow and Accuracy DFMT-PS Digital Radiographic Systems were designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care and technologist productivity. These floor mounted configurations are ideal for smaller imaging environments requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care and orthopaedic facilities. Intuitive and user-friendly, DFMT-PS systems are constructed to withstand medium to high-volume throughput and limit repeat exams. Each tube stand features a sophisticated LCD touchscreen console, which supports favorable upgrades to offer an...

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System Features Touchscreen Console An advanced, technologist-friendly touchscreen console provides large text readouts and integrated operation of the DFMT-PS tube stand. Egonomically placed movement identification buttons provide optimal precision when setting up views. 180° Rotational Column Take advantage of extensive longitudinal and vertical movements, as well as a 180° rotational column enabling accurate positioning for cross-table lateral exams. Elevating, Four-Way Float Top Table The durable EV800 table delivers outstanding safety and usability. It features an 800 lbs....

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Ergonomically Designed Wall Stand The reliable VS300 wall stand utilizes electromagnetic ‘fail safe’ locks to maintain operator confidence throughout the imaging procedure. Full receptor movement to the floor, patient-side handgrips and optional overhead handgrips promote efficient upright exams without placing unnecessary strain on the patient. Designed for convenience, the VS300 technologist handgrip permits relaxed vertical travel by angling with the operator’s wrist as the image receptor is raised or lower

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DR Options Outstanding Image Quality and Reduced Patient Dose Software Features DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the difficult decisions for you. Pre-exposure display of patient and procedure information, X-ray generator exposure factors, status and control functions integrated in a single display screen Exam-specific image processing algorithms automatically optimize...

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Detector Features DELWORKS E-Series DR detectors offer a variety of premium options that provide brilliant, low dose imaging through the use of Cesium Iodide (Csl) scintillators. Available in 14 x 17” wireless, 24 x 30cm wireless and 17 x 17” large format fixed; the E-Series delivers a wide range of imaging flexibility. DELWORKS DR Systems are readily configurable for single, dual or multi-detector applications to accommodate the needs of any medical imaging environment. Automatic exposure detection Available in a variety of sizes Ultra-light wireless detector options: 14 x 17” (6.1 lbs) 24...

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PatientSide Software Experience Improved Clinical Workflow Efficiency PatientSide Workflow DELWORKS PatientSide Software Upgrade DELWORKS PatientSide is a powerful software upgrade developed for DFMT-PS floor mounted systems to streamline the radiographic process, enhance patient care and maximize throughput. PatientSide extends the functionality of the DELWORKS DR software to the tube-mounted touchscreen interface providing access to preprogrammed APR’s, patient positioning guide and first up image preview. Select patient study from the DELWORKS workstation By substantially reducing the...

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Component Options Patient Handgrips for EV800 Table The easy to adjust detachable handgrips can be secured along table side rails which extend the entire length of the table. Lateral Cassette Holder for EV800 Table This table mounted holder can be positioned nearly anywhere on the table top to deliver the sturdiest and most reliable fixture to support various cassette sized imaging panels. for VS300 Wall Stand This convenient kit is offered for installations that require a free standing wall stand configuration. It’s extended surface area maximizes stability.

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Technical Specifications DFMT-PS Tube Stand Generators Options Ceiling height: Minimum 87 in. (221 cm) Column height: 85.5 in. (217 cm) Vertical travel: 64.5 in. (164 cm) total Floor to focal spot: Min. 11 in. (28 cm), Max. 75.50 in. (192 cm) Longitudinal travel: 94 in. (239 cm) Rail longitudinal length: 120 in. (305 cm) Transverse travel: 11 in. (28 cm) Tube, collimator and cable support capacity: 88 lbs. (40 kg) Tube stand weight: 460 lbs (209 kg) Platform assembly weight: 125 lbs. (57 kg) net Column rotation: 180° where installation permits Tube rotation: ±180° detents for lateral...

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