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System Overview Clinical Efficiency The FMT18M System was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care and technologist productivity. This floor mounted configuration is ideal for imaging environments requiring high-volume throughput, such as hospital radiology departments and medical imaging centers. Its tube stand features a sophisticated LCD touchscreen console, which supports enhaced capabilities to offer a more genuine patient experience. By integrating with a DELWORKS DR System and compatible generator, technologists are given the ability to adjust generator...

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System Features Intuitive Control and Flexible Positioning The FMT18M floor mounted tube stand highlights an advanced, 10.4” technologist-friendly touchscreen console that provides seamless operation of your radiographic system by displaying tube angulation, SID values, and customizable generator controls. This tube stand only requires a minimum ceiling height of 87“, making it a perfect solution for low ceiling installations. Peaceful and effortless movements are controlled by an electromagnetic braking system enabling fast and secure readjustments of the tube head. Its extensive vertical...

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Designed for performance, built for longevity Elevating Four-way Float Top Table The durable EV800 elevating four-way float top table delivers outstanding safety and usability. Featuring an exclusive four-point lift system and exceptionally quiet motor-drive, its smooth, scratch resistant table top lowers to a height of just 22” to ensure stress-free patient transfers and adjustments. Offering a high patient weight capacity of up to 800lbs (363 kg), stable continuous movement is possible through conveniently placed recessed foot treadles and table-side controls, suitable for increasing...

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Ergonomic Wall Stand The reliable VS300 wall stand utilizes electromagnetic ‘fail safe’ locks to maintain operator confidence throughout the imaging procedure. Full receptor movement to the floor, patient-side handgrips and optional overhead handgrips promote efficient upright exams without placing unnecessary strain on the patient. Designed for convenience, the VS300 technologist handgrip permits relaxed vertical travel by angling with the operator’s wrist as the image receptor is raised or lowered. Rotating Tray * optional upgrade The easy-to-use rotating tray enables manual rotation of...

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High Quality Images, Reduced Patient Dose DELWORKS DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the difficult decisions for you. Its advanced anatomical programming and image processing algorithms help optimize technologist productivity. DELWORKS strives to minimize human error and unwanted repeat exams to give technologists the highest quality image at a lower dose, with every...

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inect — an Auto Exposure Detection (AED) awaiting exposure from any X-ray source. <-ray image and transmits it wirelessly to Wireless E14C The E14C is an ultra-light, portable 14in x 17in (36cm x 43cm) wireless detector with outstanding image quality, offering the compact versatility needed to optimize workflow. The E14C has an internal accelerometer which automatically senses motion and takes the detector in and out of ready mode, extending its battery life. E24C The E24C is a compact 24cm x 30cm version of the E14C detector that is ideal for small anatomy and pediatric imaging....

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* All specifications subject to change without notice FMT18M Tube Stand Ceiling height: Column height: Vertical travel: Floor to focal spot (with standard platform mount): Longitudinal travel: Rail longitudinal length: Transverse travel: Tube, collimator, and cable support capacity: Platform assembly weight: Column rotation: Tube rotation: Base assembly to rear wall: Power requirements: EV800 Radiographic Table Patient load capacity: Table base length: Table base width: Table top movement: Variable height: Bucky travel: Table top length: Table top width: Weight: Power requirements: Options:...

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