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OTC15T System

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Digital Radiographic Overhead Tube Crane System with Synchronized Auto-Tracking

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System Includes: • Ceiling Mounted Tube Crane • EV800 Elevating Table • VS300 Wall Stand • 50kW Generator • DELWORKS E-Series DR System

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Versatile and intuitive, the 0TC15-T System delivers enhanced patient comfort and optimized workflow. Precisely designed to withstand high-volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and large orthopedic facilities with the need to perform a broad range of radiographic studies. Its overhead horizontal and transverse tracks provide technologists with limitless imaging procedure capability, including cross-table laterals and other challenging views. The system embraces operational efficiency through a technologist-friendly touch screen console, ergonomically...

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OTC15-T Tube Crane The OTC15-T ceiling mounted tube crane highlights an advanced, technologist-friendly touchscreen console providing seamless operation of your radiographic system by displaying tube angulation and SID values. Color-coded movement identification buttons provide optimal precision when setting up views. Peaceful, effortless movements are controlled by an electromagnetic braking system enabling fast and secure readjustments of the tube head. Its five-tier telescoping column delivers exceptional vertical movement of 71" (180 cm), capable of performing complete head-to-toe...

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Coordinated motorized movement along the tube crane's vertical axis permits effective alignment between the X-ray tube and detector occupied system components. The result is quick, accurate centering without the extra time and effort needed to make manual adjustments. Auto-Collimation Accelerates patient positioning and reduces radiation exposure by automatically selecting the proper field-of-view for each body part, achieved through DelWorks EDR acquisition software's pre-programmed APR settings.

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The durable EV800 elevating four-way float top table delivers outstanding safety and usability. Featuring an exclusive four-point lift system and exceptionally quiet motor-drive, its smooth, scratch resistant table top lowers to a height of just 22" to ensure stress-free patient transfers and adjustments. Offering a high patient weight capacity of up to 800lbs (363 kg), stable continuous movement is possible through conveniently placed recessed foot treadles and table-side controls, suitable for increasing technologist performance and satisfaction. Rotating Tray Cabinet (optional) The easy...

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VS300 Wall Stand The reliable VS300 wall stand utilizes electromagnetic 'fail safe' locks to maintain operator confidence throughout the imaging procedure. Full receptor movement to the floor, patient-side handgrips and optional overhead handgrips promote efficient upright exams without putting unnecessary strain on the patient. Ergonomically designed swivel handgrip conveniently permits relaxed vertical travel by angling with the operator's wrist as the image receptor is raised or lowered.

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DELWORKS Workstation The DELWORKS Workstation with Symphony Image Processing features a hassle-free, single console workflow designed to simplify every step of the examination procedure, including: • Anatomical Programming • Advanced image processing and algorithms • QA and post processing of acquired images • Network Connectivity for patient selection • DICOM Connectivity (store, print, MPPS, MWL) • Image Stitching (optional) Fast image preview times, advanced image enhancement capabilities and generator control options all from a large format LED touchscreen display. E-Series DR systems...

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DELWORKS PatientSide Software Upgrade DELWORKS PatientSide is a powerful software upgrade developed to streamline the radiographic process, enhance patient care and maximize throughput. PatientSide extends the functionality of the DELWORKS DR software to the tube-mounted touchscreen interface providing access to preprogrammed APR's, patient positioning guide and first up image preview. Never leave the patient By substantially reducing the need to walk back-and-forth between the patient and technologist control area, PatientSide allows technologists to comfort patients during each phase of...

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Through our commitment to quality and innovation, DEL MEDICAL continues to extend limits and maintain a leading role in the development of Healthcare products that better meets the needs and wants of global communities. It is our goal to exceed expectations by collaborating with our customers and partners to focus on advanced technologies and inspire enthusiasm with high-value-added products. Experience When you make the choice to partner with DEL MEDICAL, you join one of the most experienced medical imaging teams in the industry. For over 85 years we have been dedicated to providing...

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