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TECH420P - 1

TECH420P 8V - PNEUMATIC CONVEYOR V Customization and configuration available according to specific needs -/ Low economic impact and reduced operating and maintenance costs S Easy to install, turn on, use and sanitize S Product quality and integrity preservation >/ No obstruction or environmental pollution J Improved hygiene and operational conditions V CE-certified, FDA-certified system for food application. A wide range of optional accessories is available V High efficiency Ventury system despite low energy consumption SUCTION UNIT FILTER UNIT DISCHARGE UNIT 0 Unload / Outlet □ Type of unloading LOADING UNIT Transport capacity All data mentioned in this document may change without notice. Tutti i dad riportati in questo documento potrebbero variare senza preawiso

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TECH420P - 2

SUCTION UNIT High efficiency suction unit with Venturi vacuum pump and silencer FILTER UNIT Filter unit: an antistatic polyester cartridge for food application, FDA-certified, 1pm filter media. Static and automatic filter cleaning system DISCHARGE/LOAD UNIT Single-piece truncated cone shape loading unit with tangential inlet Unloading unit with clapet CONTROL UNIT unit and pneumatic remote control placed 3 meters away from the loading unit AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES -j FDA-Certified flexible hose y Suction lance y Pick-up hopper OPTIONALS y AISI316 STAINLESS STEEL COMPONENTS y PNEUMATIC VIBRATOR...

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