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MODULAR STEEL CABINETS Dental and Medical Laboratories Dental and Medical Offices and Clinics Industrial and Research Laboratories School and University Laboratories Government Facilities Photo courtesy of Voss Dental Laboratory, Inc. - Buffalo, NY

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Planning Services No other company in North America has designed, built and installed more dental laboratory furniture than NevinLabs. Among our customers: commercial laboratories, dental and medical schools, vocational schools, Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics, correctional facilities, industrial and research laboratories, and private healthcare practitioners. Nevin listens carefully to the owners and works closely with architects, contractors, and interior space planners. We will help you make your dream a reality. You will find our free Planning Guide a helpful tool in...

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Before initiating the planning process, we need to know: the number of people in various departments... how much space you have... the location and size of doors and windows… the type of work you plan to do... your plans for future growth. All of these factors and more must be taken into consideration for developing a plan that makes sense for you.

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FAQ’s… Q. How much room do I need for a functional lab?­­ A. Nevin’s planning department, as a ruleof-thumb, has learned that a full-service laboratory requires approximately 75 square feet per technician. This does not include offices, lavatories, storage areas, conference rooms, or lunch-rooms, which must be added to your space requirement. When planning your laboratory, allow enough space for additional technicians as demand for your services increases.      Q. How much power do I need? A. Most laboratories underestimate the amount of electrical power needed. We suggest making an...

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In the Beginning… Nevin Laboratories Inc. began corporate life in June of 1987 when Denis Sexton and Bob Nevin purchased the assets of the laboratory division of Coe Laboratories, Inc. from Imperial Chemical Industries, PLC in England. Denis and Bob were both long-term employees of Coe, each with more than 25 years of service. The company has a long and distinguished history in the laboratory furniture business. The business was started in the early 1920s by James M. McCabe as the McCabe Equipment Company. In 1928 Jim sold the company to Coe and served as vice-president of the division...

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Dust Collecting Systems Protect Your Health Dental laboratory technicians are exposed daily to very fine dust hazards from a variety of different substances: chrome-cobalt, ceramic materials, quartz, plaster, plastics, and gold. Prolonged exposure and inhalation of fine dust particulate from these materials can have serious and lasting health consequences. Nevin offers 3 quiet, powerful, energy efficient, vibration-free, and affordable systems that will reduce your exposure to airborne particulate and keep the laboratory cleaner. Equipment lasts longer in a clean laboratory, and so will...

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Pedestal style dust collecting system The pedestal workstation is the industry’s first workstation with a self-contained dust collecting system. It is still the workstation of choice for thousands of technicians because of its functional and timeless design. Because legs are not required for support of the workstation, the technician can move a stool from one workstation to another and floor maintenance is more convenient. Suction for up to 4 workstations is provided by a single 1-horsepower sealed, brushless motor. A remarkably efficient reusable cartridge filter with 75 square feet of...

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Freedom™ Workstations Freedom Workstations Give You Freedom of Choice Freedom Workstations are available with a wide variety of options. Select the options you want to build a workstation exactly suited to your personal requirements, at a surprisingly affordable price. Freedom Single Workstation No. 9042: 24" x 44" Footprint 1-technician “Freedom” workstation with options: 110-watt overhead color correct flourescent light, arm boards, ­two case pan shelves, suspended two-drawer cabinet, LED Light dust collector with removable front scoop and 2.5x magnifier. Shown with optional: No. 9084LSC...

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The basic workstation includes these features • • • • • • • Generous size stainless steel top saver High-pressure plastic laminate top AGA approved gas valve OSHA compliant air blowgun Handpiece storage shelf All steel construction with durable scratch and chip resistant powder coating finish Individual Freedom Workstations are shipped pre-piped for gas and air, and pre-wired for electricity Useful options to improve your productivity • Individual dust collecting system with removable front scoop and safety shield. Note: Dust collector must be ordered at time of original purchase. • 2.5X...

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Ergotech™ & Medalist™ Workstations The thoughtful, ergonomic design of Ergotech and Medalist Workstations has been proven with professional technicians, dentists for their in-house laboratory, and with students. Both workstations have a wide range of practical features. Ergotech Workstation No. 9748: 24" x 48" Footprint Available 32" or 34" high Shown with optional custom handles.

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Functional features to make your work easier and more precise • Individual dust collecting system with removable suction hood and safety shield • 2.5X magnifying lens* • Generous size magnetic vinyl top saver • Solid, 3/4" thick Corian® top • Removable, stainless steel scrap drawer • Removable, adjustable arm boards* • All steel construction with durable scratch and chip resistant powder coating finish • Single workstations, pre-piped for gas and air, pre-wired for electricity • AGA approved gas valve for Bunsen burner • OSHA compliant air blowgun • Drawer storage cabinet with steel roller...

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Meet Some of Our Customers… Stern Empire Dental Laboratory Houston, TX A National Dentex Corporation laboratory

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