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Light Sources Bella Couse Debility Gi; Normal Slouch Easy Eye^ Rotation _ OPT Range ■tor Displays

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DentalEZ & NevinLabs History Research & Ergonomics Introduction of ErgoEZ Benches LabPro Handpieces DENTALEZ® & NEVINLABS™ EQUALS Operated as McCabe Equipment Company (Lab cabinets were wood) Operated as Coe Laboratories (Metal cabinets started in the 40s due to price of wood vs. price of steel and moisture in the labs) Operated as Nevin Laboratories 151 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE Ergonomics has long been a part of dental operatory design for DentalEZ. Now the DentalEZ Group and NevinLabs are bringing ergonomics to the dental laboratory. Ever since introducing sit-down dentistry with the...

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ERGONOMICS AND ITS IMPORTANCE Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace environment to t the user. To bring ergonomics into the laboratory environment, we looked at the commonalities of lab technicians by conducting research on the human form using a 95th percentile male and a 5th percentile female. We studied how to design our workbenches to adapt the machine to the person. To assess the t between a person and his or her workspace, we consider the job being done, the demands on the lab technician, and the size, shape and location of the equipment used. These considerations led...

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What the Research Shows Our stools put lab technicians in the correct position for ma imum ef ciency and comfort, based on research of proper seating and working height. Ergonomically engineered stools enable users to position themselves properly for both visual accessibility and physical well being. roper seating posture includes placing one s feet at on the oor, hips slightly above knees, lower legs perpendicular to the oor, and using a seat with a tilt feature that allows the user to cant the seat 10-15 degrees. Working Height Working Height Lifting Lower Arm 15” Elbow Height Sitting...

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Field Height Research Working eld height research determines how tall a countertop has to be for a person to be working ergonomically. Positioning the countertop at a comfortable height for the majority of technicians can help improve posture and reduce fatigue. A 5th percentile female is 5 feet tall and weighs 110 pounds. A 95th percentile male is 6 feet 1½ inches tall and weighs 225 lbs;

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Head/Eye Viewing Area Head and eye research determines the ergonomic viewing area with maximum head and eye rotation. Placing everyday tasks within the prescribed range is critical to reducing glare and eye fatigue, and can help enhance productivity. ▼ Head/Eye Viewing Limits V Viewing & Reaching Limits 50-55* Upper Visual Limit Brow Cut Off Light Sources Bellow This Line Cause Disability Glare Normal Slouch Easy Ev« " Rotation _ OPT Range ■{or Displays 70-80*Lower Visual Limit Cheek Bone Cut Off

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Shelving Reach The best location for the shelves was determined by finding the common area of comfortable upward reach of a 95th percentile male and a 5th percentile female. This is an important factor in reducing the potential for injury. Working Zone Both eye rotation and side to side reach data were used in calculating the optimal distance from work surface to lab technician. When this distance is within comfortable limits, technicians feel less confined and better able to focus on their work. ▼ Head/Eye Viewing Limits ▼ Viewing & Reaching Limits

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ERGOEZ™ BY NEVINLABS™ A survey completed by over 7,000 lab owners revealed that the most important features in a bench are height/width, lighting, dust collection system and drawers. With this in mind, ErgoEZ benches were developed with reliability, functionality and ergonomic design as the top priorities. Features Dependable, steel construction with powder coated nish Solid ½" work surface Stainless steel scrap drawer Personal bench height options of 34", 32", and 30" Choice of 3 drawer sizes Adjustable arm rests that move side to side Gas valve and retractable air blowgun Variable speed...

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Intelligent Drawer Design Inside Drawer with Removable Tray Tool Holder The intelligent drawer design on ErgoEZ benches has a multitude of con guration options to t your speci c needs. Plus, you can choose a drawer face accent color to customize the look of your bench. The workbench tool holder puts tools within easy arm reach and is angled up for maximum ease of deployment. Drawer Con guration A is standard on the ErgoEZ. Other con gurations shown below are optional and available for an extra cost. LARGE MEDIUM SMALL Outside Drawer

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Work Surfaces High-pressure plastic laminate available upon request. Solid Surface Solid Surface Color Options Sanded Gray Sanded Vermillion Custom colors available upon request for an additional charge. Drip Edge Detail The intended drip edge is positioned beneath the countertop work surface ½” back from the leading edge, which is 1” from the vertical surface. This simple lineal routing feature will prevent spills from entering the drawers.

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The Ergonomic Working Zone The ergonomic working zone determines the location and angle of the arm rests on the lab bench. Arm rests provide an expanded arm support surface for increased comfort and dexterity range. The arm rest facilitates left to right adjustment, giving user control of best ergonomic location. The arm rests accommodate support of the partial forearm/ wrist to alleviate fatigue without generating undue pressure on the median and ulnar nerves, providing maximum comfort. Nerves affected by Arm Rests Individual Dust Collecting System Each technician may control the suction...

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Bench Lighting Workstation bench lights provide broad ambient lighting over your entire bench. A parabolic louver ensures glare-free, precise lighting, which reduces eyestrain and fatigue. Enjoy the bene ts of natural daylight with full spectrum lighting for true color delity. Flexible Shelving Workstation Bench Light Enhance productivity with exible shelving. A number of options can be freely located and organized via the modular shelf rail, freeing up work surfaces and adding exibility. Energy Ef cient LED Conserve energy and save money with the precision LED Task Light. Using only 5...

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