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Ergonomics: Minimizes Twisting & Reaching – Thin tapered back – Slim 12-3/4" width at top of chair back – Integrated touch pads located on both sides of upper backrest. Simplicity: Added Value – Simple chair controls include Auto Return, Last Position, 3 pre-sets and manual settings – Slim, Wider cantilever for ease of internal umbilical – Easily visible illuminated “on” indicator Flexibility: Positioning Made Easy – Height from 15"-35.5" accommodates sit down and stand up dentistry. – 60 degree rotation for positioning – Optional IV Armboard, IV Bag stand and body straps for Oral Surgery....

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Quality and value for less. Shadow-free illumination area lights the oral cavity. High and low intensity for optimum illumination. Simplicity head with 2 HP’s, SE, ultrasonic scaler and syringe allows optimum access to patients. Integrated suction on delivery head provides easy access to all your hygiene instruments. Unit arms provide space for the vacuum lines to run internally to the unit head.

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The DentalEZ Ultrasonic Integrated Scaler utilizes reliable, proven magnetostrictive technology. The zero footprint internal design using an electronic module that is fully integrated into the DentalEZ dental treatment unit saves valuable treatment room countertop space. The DentalEZ Integrated Scaler saves the doctor and/or dental hygienist time and money, and improves the treatment outcome for the patient. #3680-401 Ultrasonic Scaler Only Hygiene Bundles Save more than 30% on 2 Year Warranty! Hygiene Handpieces with Only 62 grams and made from anodized aluminum, the lightweight Prophy...

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Lightweight Ergonomic Sonic Scaler Clinically proven scaler design effectively removes hard calculus deposits and stains. Connects to existing air driven tubings and foot control making it portable. Ergonomic silicone grips with comfortable finger purchase relieves finger fatigue. Ergonomic silicone replacement grips ­­Specifications Air Pressure: Connection: Sterilization: Blis-sonic SW / K 40 psi (2.7 atmos.) Fits all standard 2, 3 and 4-line tubing Quick Connect Swivels Steam Sterilization up to 275°F (135° C.) Scalers are packaged with five exclusive Sensi-Tips® work gently and...

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Choose from the Titan-TTM (Titanium) for weight reduction, Titan® 3 (Stainless Steel) for classic performance, or Titan E for flexibility. Titanium construction allows a 25% weight reduction providing greater tactile response and reduced hand and wrist fatigue. Superior strength and corrosion-resistance of titanium is proven to better withstand the damaging effects of heat sterilization. (Titan-T only) Motor, Straight Nose Cone, Motor-to-Angle Adaptor, Torque Multiplier and Angles are LubeFree, which reduces maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication. Chairside Repairable...

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