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PRECISION LIGHTING SYSTEMS for the Dental Technician Photo courtesy Voss Dental Laboratories, Buffalo, NY

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Proper Lighting Productivity and Good Health! That’s why NevinLabsTM offers a variety of high-technology lighting systems designed especially for dental technicians. You need the right amount of light and the right kind of light at an affordable price. The right amount of light. The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America recommends 300 to 1000 foot candles for exacting bench work. Your personal comfort level will vary with your age and the time of day. Excessive illumination will wash out a Bunsen burner flame, creating a hazard. A low illumination level results in eye strain and...

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(800110) 110-Watt Workstation Task Light The 110- Watt Workstation Light includes mounting brackets and (2) shelves. Provides broad ambient lighting over your entire bench. Parabolic louver insures glare-free precise lighting which reduces eyestrain and fatigue. Mounting bracket includes drilling template for fast, accurate mounting on new or existing benches. 36" long (light head) 27" high (from work surface) • (2) 55- watt color-corrected compact fluorescent lamps • Enjoy the benefits of natural daylight with full spectrum lighting for true color fidelity • (2) 40"- shelves for convenient...

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Ordering Guide Description 36 Watt w/18" reach arm 72 Watt w/36" reach arm 110 Watt 36" long X 6" wide 110 Watt Ceiling mounted Accessories Description Clamp 2.5" opening Mounting base fits 800036, 800072 Lamp Type and Data Specifications Description PL-L 18W PL-L 36W PL-L55W Lamp Life Full Five (5) Year Warranty! Model 800036 All task lights carry a limited Warranty of 5-years excluding lamps. Nevin Laboratories reserves the right to repair or replace defective product. Return shipping (if required) is at the expense of purchaser. Bench Lights Available in Four Attractive, Durable Finishes...

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