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Don’t let your handpiece weigh you down! Solara® QT High-Speed Handpiece • More than 20% lighter than any handpiece on the market means it delivers less wrist and finger stress and fatigue.* Lightweight design for less gripping strength. Smooth gripping area avoids creating any pressure points. Mini head designs means improved line of sight.** Neck designed specifically for the smaller fingers of a female dentist. Lubefree ceramic bearings are more than 50% lighter than the lubricated stainless steel bearings used by competitors. Engineered for more watts at peak power when you need it most. Invest in handpieces that are designed for your unique needs.* ** The Solara head size is considerably smaller than competitor’s head size. 866.DTE.INFO Follow us! * Internal research shows that a women has nearly half the gripping strength of that of their male colleagues. Flexing or extending your wrist reduced that strength by an additional 25%. 2014 DentalEZ, Inc. DentalEZ, StarDental, and Solara are registered trademarks of DentalEZ Inc.

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