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StarDentaP Instruments A DentalEZ* Integrated Solutions brand

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StarDental Hygiene - 2

iStar Cordless Prophylaxis Handpiece ™ DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabs Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments TM ™ High Torque Cordless Prophylaxis Handpiece Features and Benefits • Compact, cordless design with the power to perform • Runs without a foot control, iStar takes the stress out of the prophylaxis procedure • Comes with limited 12 month warranty on system and limited 3 year warranty on battery Select any disposable prophy angle Choose any angle with exception of RDH NuPro Freedom or choose to use with multiple angle types depending on the patient, procedure or...

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StarDental Hygiene - 3

Prophy Star 3 Hygiene Handpiece DentalEZ* Equipment | NevinLabs" Workstations | RAMVAC* Utility | StarDental* Instruments [Prophy Star 3 and DEZiree Hygiene Solution only) 2 year limited warranty! • Sterilizable handpiece and silicone replacement grips allow color coding by hygienists (blue, aqua, lavender, pink) Dimensions: 0.64" in diameter, 4.3" long Maintenance: LubeFree, no maintenance required Ordering Information Retail 264422 Prophy Star 3 with 4 grips (blue, aqua, lavender, pink) $865.60 264434 Nosecone with 4 grips (blue, aqua, lavender, pink] $132.90 264441 Replacement grip...

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StarDental Hygiene - 4

DentalEZ" Equipment | NevinLabs™ Workstations | RAMVAC Utility | StarDental Instruments The clinically proven Sonic Scaler design effectively removes hard calculus deposits and stains. Lightweight - Only 50 grams- relieves wrist and finger fatigue Autoclavable - Motor and grips Color Coding - Choice of 4 grip colors- aqua, pink, lavender & blue ltem# Titan Blis-sonic SW Titan Blis-sonic K Ordering Information Retail 264563 Titan Blis-sonic SW Scaler (order swivel separately) $950.30 264564 Titan Blis-sonic K Scaler, Borden 2/3-Line $1,023.00 264565 Titan Blis-sonic K Scaler, 4-Line $1,023.00

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StarDental Hygiene - 5

Titan Blis-sonic Scaler DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabs Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments TM Product complies with MDD 93/42/EEC (Tips only) Scaler Tip - Left Perio Scaler Tip - Right Perio Sensi-Tip® Kit (Includes Tip Holder, Wrench, 50 tips; for use with implant and perio scaling) Sensi-Tip Holder Sensi-Tip Tool Replacement grip 4-pack (blue, aqua, lavender, pink) Aqua replacement grip 4-pack Blue replacement grip 4-pack Lavender replacement grip 4-pack Pink replacement grip 4-pack O-Ring Kit for Swivel (2 large, 2 small) Air Pressure Gauge (ISO Fiber Optic) 4-Line...

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StarDental Hygiene - 6

Identafi Oral Cancer Screening System ® DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabs Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments TM Screen with Certainty. Detect with Confidence. As physicians of the mouth, dental professionals are in a unique and important position to help protect their patients from oral cancer. In fact, dental professionals are the first line of defense against this potentially deadly disease.* The instruments for early detection are now available for all front line clinicians. White Light Conventional examination of tissue is performed using Identafi’s highly...

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StarDental Hygiene - 7

Identafr Oral Cancer Screening System DentalEZ" Equipment | NevinLabs™ Workstations | RAMVAC Utility | StarDental* Instruments StarDental® Identafi® Oral Cancer Screening System. Information You Can't Live Without! • Only screening system of its kind using narrow band reflectance (green-amber light]. • Enhances perception of practice as delivering the "highest standard of care." • Variety of educational and marketing tools including FREE patient brochures and practice marketing tools. Ordering Information Retail RT3-00371 Identafi Complete Unit $3,108.40 RT3-00415 Disposable Plastic...

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StarDental Hygiene - 8

StarDental Product Support Services DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabs Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments TM DentalEZ and its employees are proud of the products we provide to the dental community. We stand behind these products with a warranty against defects in material and workmanship as provided below, and StarDental® has an in-house repair facility to service our products. In the event that you experience difficulty with the application or operation of any of our products, please contact our customer service department at our expense at (866)DTE-INFO. If we cannot...

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