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A DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions brand Utility Room Miscellaneous

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Stands/Remote Panels DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabsTM Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments Features and Benefits • Steel frame • Easy assembly • Knock down design for easy & inexpensive shipping • Allows equipment to be stacked for valuable space savings Ordering Information OWL Hub Mounting Bracket (mounts to either stand above) RAMVAC REMOTE PANELS Remote Panel #1 Product No. 8-600-131 Remote Panel #2 Product No. 8-600-132 Remote Panel #3 Product No. 8-600-133 Remote Panel #4 Product No. 8-600-134 Features and Benefits • 1 to 4 illuminated push-on/push-off switches,...

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Utility Room Miscellaneous - 3

DentalEZ Remote Panels DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabsTM Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments Features and Benefits • Vacuum, air and water are controlled from one location • Eye-catching green on/off indicators • A wide range of kits for all DentalEZ and RAMVAC products • All controls use low voltage (24V) • Includes all necessary installation parts except low-voltage wire) ( • For use with compressors that come with a low-voltage relay and transformer MP-300 Master control panel includes a single rocker remote switch (1” x 1” each): One single (CV-101 or CV-102 Vacuum...

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Utility Room Miscellaneous - 4

OWL™ (On Wall Logic) DentalEZ8 Equipment | NevinLabs™ Workstations | RAM VAC® Utility | StarDental8 Instruments a full color, touch screen display to provide easy control and monitoring of your dental utility room equipment. Simple, easy to understand screen layouts make navigation of this powerful device a cinch. • Home screen provides the ability to choose Manual or Schedule run mode for the equipment and includes a Master Shutdown button. • Manual mode allows the user to turn on or off each individual type of device, similar to a standard remote switch panel. • Schedule mode...

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Utility Room Miscellaneous - 5

RAMVAC Product Support Services DentalEZ® Equipment | NevinLabsTM Workstations | RAMVAC® Utility | StarDental® Instruments DentalEZ and its employees are proud of the products we provide to the dental community. We stand behind these products with a warranty against defects in material and workmanship as provided below and have our own in-house repair facility to service our products. In the event that you experience difficulty with the application or operation of any of our products, please contact our customer service department at our expense at (866)DTE-INFO. If we cannot resolve the...

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