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PHOTO-FLASK PHOTO-FLASK: PLEASED WITH SIMPLICITY Transparent and made of removable sections, PHOTO-FLASK is a practical device designed to handle the light-curing composites without any modification of the standard operating working procedure. The working process is restricted to six stages: 1) modeling or digital printing of the part 2) base realization with hard silicones 3) mask preparation with transparent silicone 4) dewaxing 5) injection or deposit of the composite 6) UV light-curing

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The operating procedure is simple: - unscrew the knobs, remove the cover and the upper intermediate element - verify the ideal positioning for the object at the inside and insert one or more vertical separators to hold in place and limit any waste of material - place the suitable quantity of basic hard silicone and insert the model - introduce the missing intermediate element, the cover and tighten the knobs - position the spurs in corrispondence of the holes of the cover - prepare the transparent silicone for the mask and inject it until the hollows section is filled up - according to the...

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PHOTO-FLASK is made by transparent elements ensuring a better exposure to UV rays. No reinforcement metallic plates are needed. These features make it the proper device to be combined with Dentalfarm range of light-curing units PHOTOPOL. DENTALFARM Srl - Via Susa, 9 a - 10138 Turin - ITALY -

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