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PORCELAIN FURNACES PF PRESS AND PF PRO Dentalfarm introduce two brand new furnaces for porcelain firing: PF PRO for traditional firing techniques, PF PRESS for both firing and pressing. The new units of the PF range are suited to process all restorative porcelain materials: medium- and low-temperature traditional ceramics, feldspathic ceramics, highly vitreous ceramics, lithium disilicate, ceramic-on-metal, ceramic-on-zirconia and all-ceramic systems, as well as CAD/CAM-generated ceramics. > High-precision temperature monitoring > Effective control of operating times > Accurate handling of...

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finest supervision > Pre-set charts for easier firing > Easy-to-use and accurate data system software > Special programs for crystallization of lithium disilicate > Improved temperature detection through new thermocouple instrument featuring a > Monitoring of working cycle by means of 16-bit microprocessor protective sleeve for unaltered signal > Automatic steering of vacuum pump unit > Wide choice of freely programmable working parameters, even during active cycle > Pneumatic injection process with digitized pressure, speed and time adjustment

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PF PRESS PORCELAIN FIRING AND PRESSING FURNACE > 69 PROGRAMS FOR TRADITIONAL CERAMICS > 10 PROGRAMS FOR CAD/CAM LITHIUM DISILICATE > 20 PROGRAMS FOR PRESSING TECHNIQUES > 01 SIMULATION CYCLE > DRY-RUNNING 50 L/min VACUUM PUMP > CONNECTION TO COMPRESSED AIR INSTALLATION PF PRESS is the most complete model, suitable for all kinds of ceramic processing techniques. All stages of single working programs as well as all related parameters are listed in the menu and can be edited at the user’s convenience. Features A range of relevant benefits is offered, such as: > Best accuracy in defining the...

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PF PRO PORCELAIN FURNACE > 79 PROGRAMS FOR TRADITIONAL CERAMICS > 20 PROGRAMS FOR CAD/CAM LITHIUM DISILICATE > 01 SIMULATION CYCLE > DRY-RUNNING 50 L/min VACUUM PUMP PF PRO is suitable for all traditional firing techniques. It is designed to accurately carry out both double-temperature cycles and crystallization of milled lithium disilicate generated by CAD/CAM systems. This feature has proved particularly valuable for Dental Clinics. An innovative firing chamber, consisting of high-tech refractory materials and quartz tubing, ensures perfect irradiation of treated objects. Both electronic...

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DENTALFARM PORCELAIN FURNACES PRACTICAL, SAFE AND ACCURATE Inside the firing chamber, a quartz filter allows to boost the effects of IR rays, thus ensuring progressive heating of the firing object and controlled The temperature is detected by a special, oxidation free thermocouple which does not require periodical adjustment. The wide number of available programs, combined with an accurate execution of any single aspects of the firing cycle deliver high-quality, consistent firings and steady results. > HIGH-PRECISION TEMPERATURE MONITORING: quartz muffle and innovative thermocouple system >...

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