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9. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Description Width Depth at the base Height Net and gross weight Line voltage Running voltage Absorption Tool min diameter hole Tool max diameter hole 420 mm (600 mm with splash guards) 205 mm (290 mm with splash guards) 250 mm (280 mm with splash guards) 9,0 kg – 10,3 kg 230 v AC – 50/60 Hz 230 v AC 500 W 5.0 mm 11,0 mm POLISHING UNIT SHINE INSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL 10. DEMOLITION AND WASTE DISPOSAL According to International regulations, this unit has been classified as AEE (electric and electronic device, whose correct operation depends on electric currents and electromagnetic fields) and as a consequence, at the end of its lifetime, it can not be treated as normal waste material but it must be disposed separately, complying with the Directive 2002/96/CE. C.I.E. DENTALFARM s.r.l. Via Susa, 9/a - 10138 TORINO - ITALY (+39) 011/4346588 AFTER-SALE SERVICE 011/4346632 FAX 011/ 4346366 E-mail: Website: TECHNICAL-COMMERCIAL SERV

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1. DESCRIPTION SHINE is a machine suitable to carry out grinding and polishing operations of the metals in the dental field. It has been expressly designed with dual speed option in order to avail of low average (1.400 rpm) working condition assuring a good removal effect without overheating the surfaces and of a high-average speed (2.800 rpm) assuring a perfect polishing. Abrasive grinding wheels, brushes and felts can be inserted on the cone-shaped spindle. Plastic splash protection guards are recommended avoiding the residues to be propelled outside. An electromagnetic safety switch...

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DESCRIPTION RIGHT CONE-SHAPED SPINDLE LEFT CONE-SHAPED SPINDLE SPINDLE RELEASE LEVER SHIELD BODY FAIRLEAD ROTOR SHIELDED BEARING PROTECTION FEET CONDENSER CLOSING SHEET BIPOLAR SWITCH STATOR SWITCH FRAME SWITCH LEVER ELECTRIC CABLE SHINE MARK LABEL ELECTRIC CHANGE-OVER SWITCH Installation of this machine is quite easy but it must be carried out paying utmost attention in order to avoid any mistake which may originate problems during operation, inconvenience or even damages. 1. Place the machine on a suitable support table, in a stable position 2. Connect the feeding cable to an approved...

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Before carrying out any maintenance operation inside the machine or any technical to the connections, disconnect the electric cable from the socket; in such a way the machine will be completely insulated from the electric wiring system. If you still have any doubts, difficulties or any possibility of mistake, contact our Technical Service to avoid any risks or damages. Replacement of the worn out rotating instruments When it is necessary to replace the instruments fitted on the cone tips, it will be necessary to press slightly behind the metallic ring inside the discs, so as to release it...

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