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A5090 Turbina ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k – lotto/batch 07/2014 LABORATORY TURBINE WITH SPRAYING SYSTEM ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k USER AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL C.I.E. DENTALFARM s.r.l. Via Susa, 9/a - 10138 TORINO - ITALY TECHNICAL-COMMERCIAL SERVICE (+39) 011/4346588 AFTER-SALE SERVICE - 011/4346632 FAX 011/ 4346366 Email: info@dentalfarm.it Website: www.dentalfarm.it

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A5090 Turbina ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k – lotto/batch 07/2014 1. DESCRIPTION ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k is a powerful, noiseless and reliable air turbine expressly studied for modelling and finishing purposes on hard materials used in the Dental Laboratory. The 4-5 BAR powered rotor can attain a speed of 300.000 revolutions per minute. A steady flow of air assures cooling of both the tool and the machined surface and this action can be increased utilising the spraying system originated by the atomized water contained in the internal tank. The control unit incorporates the air treatment unit (filter,...

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A5090 Turbina ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k – lotto/batch 07/2014 Before carrying out any maintenance operation inside the machine or any technical service to the pneumatic or hydraulic connections, disconnect the compressed air. If you still have any doubts, difficulties or any possibility of mistake, contact our Technical Service to avoid any risks or damages. Cleaning the pliers and the front part of the handpiece We recommend to keep the front part of the handpiece clean from dust particles. Unlock the pliers opening nut and blow with compressed air. If necessary, unscrew the inside cap to have...

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A5090 Turbina ZIRKO-SURFIN 300k – lotto/batch 07/2014 5. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. First of all, find a good location to position the control unit. 2. Connect the foot-control white pipe (D) to the closest pipe-fitting to the control unit (C) and the black one to the external pipe-fitting (B) 3. Connect the air feeding pipe (rilsan or nylon 8x6) to the pipe-fitting with nut located on the rear part of the collector (A) 4. Adjust the pressure (4/5 BAR) by means of the reducer knob (E) – press the foot-control, lift the knob to release it, turn clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to...

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