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Maaxloc - Mandibular Axis Locator The Maaxloc is your essential tool when a condylar/mandibular asymmetry is recognized. In no time at all you will be saving time for yourself as well as reducing your patient’s pain. As you succesfully determine the correct mandibular position in a quick, yet simple procedure, both you and your patient will be equally satisfied.

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The Maaxloc determines the clinically correct mandibular position: The registration index produced in the Maaxloc is comfortably used in cases of craniomandibular or temporomandibular disorders, as well as in any case of prosthetic rehabilitation or orthodontic analysis. Determining the correct mandibular position is of utmost importance and will help you to avoid unwanted occlusal features. This includes achieving the correct incline of implants into the jaws and improving the occlusal analysis before an orthodontic treatment is initiated. The Maaxloc is time saving and reduces pain...

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