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PROFIN PDH THE ULTIMATE INSTRUMENT FOR MANUAL FINISHING s of dental finishing! ieve the highest level Based on the established Profin/EVA system, Dentatus is proud to present the new Profin PDH, a high-quality hand instrument with a wide range of interchangeable diamond tips for safe and precise finishing work. Profin PDH enabling you to achieve the highest levels of dental finishing during daily use, even in the most inaccessible areas. IDEAL FOR: • Interproximal adjustments • Marginal adjustments • Overhang reduction Straight for anterior usage Dual modalities: fixed/locked or self-steering tip Contra angled for posterior usage Profin PDH is perfect for creating optimal shapes and embrasures, giving heightened aesthetic results and increased patient satisfaction. With ergonomic, tactile design and tough anodized, scratch-resistant surface for optimal durability.

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DENTATUS LAMINEER TIPS FOR PROFIN/EVA The Lamineer Tips remove overhangs in all leading dental filling materials, including composite, amalgam, and cement. Access and refinish residual bonding material in inaccessible and sensitive gingival and interproximal areas. • Eliminate ditching associated with rotating instruments and imprecise strip work • High quality diamond tips in a broad range of grain sizes • Fixed or self-steering tip settings and world-renowned reciprocating movement for optimal preparation and access The spatula and knife-edge Lamineer tips are safe-sided, and are...

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