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Instrument Catalog - 1

Product Catalog Dentium Instruments for Total Solution Catalog & Manual

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Instrument Catalog - 2

Surgical Guide Sinus Instruments

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Instrument Catalog - 3

Surgical Guide Polymer Guide Implant Guide

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Instrument Catalog - 4

Dentium Instruments Polymer Guide Polymer Guide Thermoplastic Surgical Template for Dental Implant Placement • Fabricate precise surgical template in just minutes using hot water • Disposable material to promote control of infection and contamination • Titanium sleeve is compatible with Dentium Guide and Final Drills Thermoplastic surgical template Fully compatible with Dentium drill system Fabricate an accurate surgical template in just minutes, greatly reducing the lab and chairside time Suitable template shape Improved infection/contamination control Polymer Guide is designed to maximize...

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Instrument Catalog - 5

Dentium Instruments Polymer Guide Type Stone Drill Guide Pin Guide Drill Brushing (First) Guide Drill Brushing (Second) Additional Metal Sleeve (for Cantilever Multi-Ready)

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Instrument Catalog - 6

Dentium Instruments Implant Guide Implant Guide Surgical guide utilizing silicon spacer and unique parallel pin • The tripod parallel pin is designed to take into consideration the mesiodistal width and drilling position in the edentulous area • Parallel pins and Spacers are configured based on the average width of a tooth Assist in the implant positioning as well as determining the width and the position of the prosthetic components The Guide Drill holes on the Tripod Parallel Pin help in prepping the osteotomy in the correct orientation The three legs of the Tripod Parallel Pin are of...

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Instrument Catalog - 7

Dentium Instruments Implant Guide Tripod Parallel Pins Ellipse Parallel Pins (x2)

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Instrument Catalog - 8

Dentium Instruments Implant Guide Art. No. XLDSP 60S XLDSP70S XLDSP 80S XLDSP 90S XLDSP01S Ellipse Parallel Pins 6 8 10

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Instrument Catalog - 9

Dentium Instruments Manual Implant Guide Guide Drill Ellipse Parallel Pin Final Drill Combination of Guide Drill and Spacer Fixture placement with Dual Abutment Connection Final prosthesis Healing Abutment SuperLine Guide Drill Combination of Guide Drill and Spacer Guide Drill Application of Tripod and Ellipse Parallel Pin Fixture placement with Dual Abutment connection Healing Abutment

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Instrument Catalog - 10

Dentium Instruments Sinus Instruments DASK Osteotome Kit Sinus Elevator

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Instrument Catalog - 11

Dentium Instruments DASK Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit (DASK) • Simple & easy access to sinus cavity • Broad exposure of bony walls with special instruments Dentium Instruments DASK Crestal Approach Lateral Approach * Note: Drill speed 800 to 1,200rpm, 30~45N-cm with irrigation

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Instrument Catalog - 12

Dentium Instruments Sinus Elevation Instruments REF Drills for Crestal Approach DASK Drill #1 XRT332035 [800~1,200 rpm] The distance from the alveolar crest to the sinus floor should be measured on x-rays prior to surgery. Site preparation is performed with final drills in sequence up to 1mm short of the sinus floor. Then DASK Drill #1 or #2 is used and the sinus floor is carefully approached with light apical pressure. When you feel the yielding of the sinus floor, remove the drill. Or, partial preparations with DASK Drill #1 or #2 and up-fracture with osteotomes can be performed...

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Instrument Catalog - 13

Dentium Instruments Drills for Lateral Approach DASK Drill #4 XRT064025 [800~1,200 rpm] To make a lateral window through the antrostomy (thin-out) approach [800~1,200 rpm] To make a lateral window through the wall-off technique DASK Maintenance Sterilization and Instrument Care Procedures • Please follow for legal regulations, as well as hygienic guidelines to prevent contamination and infection • Please remember that you are responsible for the maintenance and sterility of your medical/dental products/device 1. All instruments, immediately after use, must be presoaked for a few minutes in...

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Instrument Catalog - 14

Dentium Instruments Crestal Approach (Sinus Lifting) After Ø3.8 Final drilling, eliminate the residual bone (1mm) using a DASK Drill #1 or #2 (in hard bone) until you feel a slight drop Detaching the sinus membrane to create adequate space for graft material Fill the sinus cavity with [OSTEON™ Lifting] graft material Detach sinus membran using the dome-shape sinus curette Fill and distribute OSTEON™ graft material evenly throughout the achieved space Placement of implant into the osteoto

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Instrument Catalog - 15

Dentium Instruments Lateral Approach (Sinus Elevation) Wall-off Technique Detach sinus membrane using the dome-shape sinus curette DASK Drill #6 is used to cut a round bony island from the lateral wall like a trephine bur. Start to drill at a desired location and proceed until you see the shadow of the sinus membrane. Then, separate and lift the bony island up from the neighboring wall with a molt curette or a periosteal elevator. The bony island is repositioned back in its original position after bone augmentation The first laser mark is 1.5mm and the second is 3.0mm. Overdrilling can...

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Instrument Catalog - 16

Dentium Instruments Osteotomes | Final drill type

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Instrument Catalog - 17

Dentium Instruments Sinus Elevator Sinus Elevator • Makes the sinus lift easy and drastically reduce the possibility of membrane perforation • Balloon expansion of 0.5cc saline equals 6mm of membrane elevation Type Including Syringe 6.0 (1.0 X 6 lines) Balloon Only Balloon inflation size(mm) Injection Volume(cc) Detach the sinus membrane to create adequate space for graft material Expand the balloon progressively Elevate the sinus membrane through the balloon inflation Carefully insert the Sinus Elevator into the osteotomy Use [OSTEONTM Lifting] graft material to fill the sinus cavity...

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Instrument Catalog - 18

Dentium Instruments GBR Instruments RS Kit Harvest Drill

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Instrument Catalog - 19

Dentium Instruments Allows the achievement of space for implantation through the spreading of the bone with chisel without drilling There are three types of Ridge Spreaders to create space up to Ø4.5mm Convenient surgeries due to the compatibility with hand-piece and ratchet Easy-to-use kit compone

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Instrument Catalog - 20

BONE CHISEL Kit contents Bone Chisel Ridge Spreader Drills Ratchet Adapter

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Instrument Catalog - 21

Ridge Spreader Drills 02.4 I 01.41 < Ratchet Adapter Mini Saw 35

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Instrument Catalog - 22

Dentium Instruments RS Kit + NR Line + OSTEON™ II + Collagen Membrane Expansion with Bone Chisel Expansion with Ridge Spreader (20~60rpm / 30~45N∙cm) - Expanding alveolar bone ridge to make space for fixture Fixture placement NR Line Cover Screw connection Application of graft material OSTEON™

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