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rainbow™ CAD/CAM Scanner 07 rainbow™ CAD/CAM Mill 15

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rainbow™ Block • rainbow™Shade Block • rainbow™Trans Block • rainbow™ CAD/CAM Block

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rainbow™ Shade Block • No dipping process is requied due to shaded block • Maintains uniform color after occlusal adjustment • Entire shade level of group A can be achieved by using rainbow1 * Shade color after sintering Clinical Cases of rainbow™ Shade Block

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rainbow Trans Block TM • Highly translucent: Excellent shade expression even with minimization of porcelain build-up • Optimized marginal fit: Uniform shrinkage (x, y, z axis) • Increased durability: Less porcelain chipping and great fracture toughness • Economical price compared to gold crown or other translucent blocks Clinical Cases of rainbow Trans Block TM Disk Type Step Type

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Lab Product catalog - 6

rainbow CAD/CAM Block TM • Excellent marginal fitness owing to the uniform shrinkage rate (20%-x,y,z) • Zirconia block with natural translucency • High flexural strength • Excellent fracture toughness Advantages of rainbow CAD/CAM Block TM 1. High flexural strengh and fracture toughness *Source : Data on file **Source : Guazzato et al., Dental materials (2004) 20, 449-456 ***Source : Company L catalog 2. Microstructure - Soft for milling, hard after final sintering Surface of product(before sintering) After final sintering Structure has about 50% porosity, which makes it easy to mill Dense...

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Lab Product catalog - 7

rainbow CAD/CAM Scanner TM • The white light scanning technology • The precise & speedy scan with less than 10 micron • The outstanding data compatibility (Open STL format) rainbowTM CAD/CAM Scanner Scan Type White light technology (Twin-Camera) Scan time Scan area (WxDxH) Camera resolution Dimension (WxDxH) Supply Voltage

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Lab Product catalog - 8

The white light scanning technology The white light scanning technology, as the high-tech technology, generates sharper data than laser method scanner. The function realizes the noiseless 3D data. The speedy & precise scan technology with less than 10 micron On the basis of implant clinical know-how, the precise data can be obtained through receiving of images at the optimal position of tooth respectively. 3D scanning
 to the depth rainbow™ Scanner applies the optimal camera inclination to receive the accurate data to the depth as well as undercut. Visual Properties Point cloud

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Lab Product catalog - 9

Sharper marginal line rainbow™ Scanner displays the optimal performance for the measurement of medial part with a loaded camera of high resolution, and especially realizes the sharper margin line through the optimal combination between rotary stage and 3D scanning module. Speedy scanning speed • It shows the three-dimensional data as more speedy & stable result with the perfect synchronization & data processing technology between camera and projection pattern equipment. • Single Case: 50/sec, 3-Bridge Case: 3/min Open System rainbow™ Scanner has a excellent compatibility with Open STL...

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Lab Product catalog - 10

Dentium Implant Library The following types of dental restorations can be constructed with our software • Anatomic crown • Mirror tooth • Coping • Primary telescope • Bridge framework • Custom abutments • Inlays • Screw retained bridges • Onlays • Virtual articulation • Wax-up copyfdouble scan) • SCRP

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Lab Product catalog - 11

Dentium Implant Library SuperLine & SimpleLine II allow screw / dual abutment restoration Using the rainbow™ CAD's Implant Module, custom abutments and screw-retained bidges can be designed easier. Screw channels Scan adaptor Customized Abutment Design Adjust emergence profile and abutment design Occlusal check / designed Inlay / Onlay Design Margin management

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Lab Product catalog - 12

Mirror Design Model mirroring Mirror model placement Adapt tooth model Tooth Library Available to choose the anatomic design from the tooth library Cut-back Design Designed to not shrink selected parts. Selected parts are marked on the teeth. (Blue colored portion in the drawing below) Exclude the selected parts

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Lab Product catalog - 13

Virtual Articulator Virtual articulator is an add-on for the rainbow™ CAD, which allows users to visualize the dynamics of the occlusion when designing crowns and bridges Available for Protrusion / Retrusion / Laterotrusion right / Laterotrusion left movement Articulator Movement 3D Simulation CO bite check Lateral movement check The articulator module requires a high-accuracy 3D scanner capable of measuring the position of the models relative to the specific articulator type used. Cut intersections Shape-preserving adaptation Availible articulator settings (Adjust the values like that of a...

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Lab Product catalog - 14

Multi Design Available for offset coping and wax-up by double scan design Wax-up Design (Double Scan) Wax-up model scan data Adapted wax-up model CT-DICOM Viewer Visualization of voxel data from CT devices during the design process Render view X-ray view Trans view

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Lab Product catalog - 15

rainbow CAD/CAM Mill TM • Simultaneous 5-axis processing system • Tool failure detection system • Processing time indication • Convenient operation & user affinity interface through 10.1” touchscreen • Open system for data compatibility rainbowTM CAD/CAM Mill White light technology (Twin-Camera) Scan time Control Axis Scan area (WxDxH) Milling Time Scan Type Motion Drives Tool Posts 7 posts (Automatic changes) Supply Voltage Milling Type Dimension (WxDxH) Supply Voltage Accuracy Camera resolution Dimension (WxDxH) CAM Table, Dust collector

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Lab Product catalog - 16

Simultaneous 5-axis processing system User affinity interface Much more precise prosthetic appliances can be processed for the various shapes and the reproduction of inner side undercut (±25°), which cannot be processed with four-axis system. • A guarantee of the perfect degree of precision by the utilization of high-precision spindle(Concentricity < 1μ m) • 250W/60000 RPM, the checkable hours of use Automatic tool change and error detection system • The convenient operation of 10.1” touchscreen 
 • The usercentric button structure & error notification window A low-noised integral dust...

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