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Dentium Workflow Solution for Labs

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Dentium Lab Products rainbow™ High Shine Block 08 rainbow™ Shine Block 10 rainbow™ Shade Block 12 Coloring & Brushing Material rainbow™ Brushing liquid 20 rainbow™ Coloring liquid 21 Veneering & Staining Material rainbow™ Porcelain 23 rainbow™ Paste Stain 26 rainbow™ CAD/CAM System rainbow™ Scanner Prime 30 rainbow™ Mill - Metal 34 rainbow™ Mill for Clini

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Dentium Lab Products Dentium has created its own zirconia block in various shades and flexural strengths to reproduce as closely as possible, the natural human tooth. Dentium has gone even further by developing solutions and substances to provide users the control over the aesthetics in implant restorations.

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rainbow Block Indications Case Full-Contour Bridge Full-Contour Single Crowns Single Crown Frameworks Bridge Frameworks Inlay, Onlay Block High Shine

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Solutions for Transparent Teeth Transparency is an important criterion when it comes to choosing the CAD/CAM block for anterior prosthesis.

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rainbow™ High Shine Block Final prosthesis rainbow™ High Shine Block The main advantage of the rainbow™ High Shine is its transparency, making it a favorable material to use to achieve anterior esthetics. It is available in both disk and step type in commonly used shades of A0, A1 an d A2.

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Semi-Transparent for Anterior Semi-transparent block for anterior application for superior esthetics

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rainbow™ Shine Block Final prosthesis rainbow™ Shine Block ∙ Clearer and more transparent than the traditional opaque and translucent blocks ∙ Higher in strength than the lithium disilicate product group ∙ Product available in shades A0, A1 and A2 for best esthetic res

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Full Zirconia for Anterior rainbow™ Shade Block Final prosthesis

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rainbow™ Shade Block • Original color of the blocks eliminates the need for additional dipping • Uniform color tone is preserved even after occlusal articulation • Entire “Vita A” shades are expressible with simplified constitution of A0.5 and A2 b

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rainbow™ Shade Block Glazing - Buccal Glazing - Lingual Final prosthesis

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rainbow™ LS Pressing • A lithium disilicate ingot for pressing technique • Excellent esthetic results and flexural strength (>500MPa, 3-point) • Applicable to diverse cases including veneers, inlays, onlays and single crowns • Capable of precise marginal fit

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Inlays, Onlays, Veneers and Single Crowns By Dr. Hyun-Sik Park _ HEIM Dental Clinic A lithium disilicate for CAD/CAM technique Excellent transparency and 9 shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4) Excellent flexural strength (>370MPa, 3-point) Various indications (Veneer, inlay, onlay, single crown and so on) Compatible mandrel-type block for milling ma

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Coloring & Brushing Material

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rainbow™ Brushing Liquid is a coloring solution for zirconia prosthesis through the means of a brushing method. Instead of the conventional dipping method, the fine esthetic detailing may be done through a brushing method.

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lab system - 20

Coloring Solution for Zirconia rainbow™ Coloring Liquid • Coloring liquid for zirconia prosthesis • Comprised of the five most commonly used dipping colors • Deep color penetration to express a natural esthetic

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Coloring Solution for Zirconia rainbow™ Brushing Liquid • Fine detailing by implementing the brushing technique • Solution type and pen type are available to accommodate user’s preference • Comprised of 12 color options (brown, orange, white, grey, pink, violet) to enhance the esthetics of the prosthesis and a diluting solution to adjust the color intensity • Brushed area is easily distinguishable through the incorporated food

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Veneering & Staining Material

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lab system - 23

Veneering Porcelain for Zirconia Substructure rainbow™ Porcelain • Harmonized coefficient of thermal expansion with zirconia minimizes the possibility of cracking • Can express a huge diversity of color shade while delivering an excellent esthetic due to the superb opalescent and flourescent effect • Natural-looking prosthesis production is possible with such a simple build-up procedure • The special treatment to the powder creates high viscosity even when mixed with just distilled water, offering high user convenie

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Products of rainbow™ Porcelain Dipping (20 Seconds) Represents basic shading and enhances the bond strength. Includes most fluorescent pigment to increase the fluor effect like natural teeth. Opacious Dentin Fills up the insufficient area of Pontic or Core Controls transparency if thickness of Dentin is not enough. It is used to make the shape and represent the shade of prosthesis. Porcelain to express the translucent incisal part of teeth. Porcelain to express the more translucency of incisal part. Opal Effect Translucent Enamel or Opal effect Opacious dentin Porcelain to express the...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Zirconia coping Dentin mamelon formed Translucent build-up Enamel build-up (Labial) Enamel build-up (Lingual) Final prosthesis

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Enhanced Uniform Application and Easy of Use rainbow™ Paste Stain • The paste-like consistency of the product allows for ease of use and makes uniform application possible • The sintering temperature requirement was lowered to under 800˚C to allow application on diverse materials including zirconia and lithium disilicate • Available in 16 most commonly used shad

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rainbow™ Paste Stain

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rainbow™ Paste Stain Final prosthesis Final prosthesis

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CAD/CAM System rainbow™ CAD/CAM system is a complete dental diagnostic system ranging from lab products to CAD/CAM equipment. Dentium is committed to developing, manufacturing and offering a full series of products related to prosthetics for our customers.

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lab system - 31

rainbow™ Scanner Prime ∙ 2.0 MP camera resolution ∙ Super speed USB 3.0 interface ∙ Structured light tech (Accuracy <10㎛) ∙ Wide scan area & deep depth of scan field ∙ Articulator compatibility ∙ White light scanning system ∙ Convenient scan jig accessary Scan type White light technology Camera resolution 2.0 Mega pixels (Twin-Camera) Scan time File format White light scanning

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