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Products from Dentium Implant / Regeneration / Digital Dentistry

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Dentium Implant System Our extensive clinical research has led to development of an innovative, simple, and versatile dental implant system.

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Product from Dentium - 3

Global Network 10 years long-term clinical case 09 DASK (Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit) 25 Digital Dentistry Collagen Membrane CAD/CAM System Trans Block CAD/CAM Block Brushing Liquid Coloring Liquid

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Product from Dentium - 4

Overview Since the establishment of Dentium Co., Ltd. in Korea in June 2000, we have been manufacturing high quality dental implant products. In collaboration with leading clinicians, research institutes, and universities, the Dentium R&D center has developed a series of state-of-the art dental implant systems,focusing on efficiency. Our systems, including fixtures, surgical components, prosthetic components, and synthetic bone grafting materials, assist our customers in performing quick, accurate, and esthetic dental implantation. As the evidence of our quest for providing the highest...

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Global Network Head office Branch office Local representatives Dentium currently has its own corporate and branch offices in U.S.A, China, Dubai, Germany and Singapore. Dentium exports its implant products to more than 70 countries through local distributors. Information on the local distributors and corporate offices of Dentium can be searched on our website. ( )

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Product from Dentium - 7

Implant S.L.A. Surface NR Line RS Kit SuperLine SimpleLine II SlimLine Overdenture System Maxillofacial Implant Surgical Guide Harvest Drill DASK (Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit) Sinus elevator Help Kit GBR System

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Product from Dentium - 8

S.L.A. Surface • Higher bone-to- implant contact • Faster bone formation on the surface Implant (S.L.A.) Fast new bone formation in between the thread S.L.A. Surface • Well attached and proliferated human osteoblasts Cell number 3 X 10, after 7 days of cell culture

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Product from Dentium - 9

10 years Long-term Clinical Case Clinical Case 1 Won-Bae Park Dental Clinic / Dr. Won-Bae Park Nov. 28. 2002 - Dentium implant implantation Well Dental Clinic / Dr. Sung-Min Chung Nov. 01. 2010 - 7 years follow-up Mar. 16. 2011 - 8 years follow-up

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Product from Dentium - 10

NR Line Total Solution for Narrow Ridge • Narrow, but stable • Firm & stable connection (Internal 10° taper & double square shape) • Hybride zone for bone & soft tissue • Simple GBR Hybride zone for bone & soft tissue Firm & stable connection (Internal 10° taper & double square shape) Compatible with bone & tissue level Stress free GBR Less screw, abutment & fixture fracture Advantages of NR Line wide type Stable connection on narrow posterior ridge : due to Ø4.3 regular platform Applicable on premolar & molar region Hybride zone concept including 50µm micro groove : it can be attached by...

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Product from Dentium - 11

OSTEON™ II Collagen Healing - 2 weeks Post-op Collagen Membrane Healing - 6 weeks Post-op

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Product from Dentium - 12

RS Kit (Ridge Spreader) Excellent Ridge Splitting • Able to select the fixture implantation area spreading the bone with chisel • Able to select fixture implant area without drilling • Ridge spreader has 3 type, able to implant till Dentium fixture Ø4.5 • Convenient surgery from compatibility of hand-piece and ratchet • Simple kit component Mini Saw / Round Bur / Ridge Spreader / Bone Chisel 12 Implant

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Product from Dentium - 13

Clinical Case Bone Chisel Implant Guide Collagen Membrane Clinical Case Win Dental Clinic / Dr. Dong-Wook Chang Expansion with Bone Chisel Expansion with Ridge Spreader Application of graft material OSTEON™ II & OSTEON™ II Collagen Barrier membrane application Collagen Membrane Final prosthesis

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Product from Dentium - 14

Immediate Implantation with Excellent Bone Response • Easy implantation into the sockets immediately after extraction • Early loading in posterior molars with excellent initial stability Internal connection Micro CT S.LA. Surface In vivo test Clinical Case

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Product from Dentium - 15

Short Implant • Solution for short distance to the nerve line • Ideal for cases involving heavy bone loss or lack of bone • Efficient application to the sinus maxilla implantation • Simple for immediate loading Clinical Case Short implant Beauty Dental Clinic/Dr.Young-JoonYoo

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Product from Dentium - 16

SimpleLine II Abutment Screw Hole Size: 2.3mm • More aesthetic • Easy to create occlusal surface • More flexible for insertion path • More bite surface SCA Abutment SCA Abutment SimpleLine II Fixture Overcome the Limit of Tissue Level Implantation with the SCA Abutment • Able to reproduce emergence profile • Effective soft tissue management Clinical Case Emergence profile

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Product from Dentium - 17

SlimLine One-Piece Design • Torque can be adjusted using the ridge spreader for hard bone case • For narrow bone ridge • Self-tapping function Denture item mini ball, mini female Mini ball type & fix type

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Product from Dentium - 18

Overdenture System Mini Ball Attachment Interchangeable (Large & Small female) • Mini ball: Mini ball size (∅1.8) Mini o-ring Type denture socket Minimal-size denture socket • Tilting angle: Up to ±15 degrees of angled tilting freedom for pathway of the implant. Clinical Case Overdenture_Mini Ball Attachment Up to ±15 degrees of angle tilting freedom for pathway of the implant.

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Product from Dentium - 19

User Clinical Case Korea University / Prof. Sang Wan Shin Surgery Title Surgery for implant supported overdenture C.C Poor retention of conventional complete dentures wearing for many years Comment This 65 year old male patient has visited the department of Prosthodontics (Implant Clinic), Korea University Guro Hospital in May, 2011. He complained a poor retention of conventional complete dentures wearing for many years. In the clinical and radiographic examination, he is a fully edentulous patient with moderately resorbed mandibular alveolar ridge. We have decided new upper complete...

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Product from Dentium - 20

Overdenture System Positioner • For multiple-unit and full-arch restorations • Self aligning: Self aligning mechanism allows easy and convenient denture placement • Tilting angle: Tilting Type ( ±10°) / Non-tilting Type ( ±5°) • Four different retention options: 100gf, 300gf, 500gf and 1,000gf Magnetic Attachment • Lowest vertical height • Horizontal stablilty • Easy insertion

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