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rainbow™ Porcelain Catalog & Manual

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Opal Effect / Fluor Effect 05 Shade Combination Table 07 Products of rainbow™ Porcelain 20

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rainbow™ Porcelain rainbow™ Porcelain ∙ Introduction ∙ Opal Effect / Fluor Effect ∙ Properties

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rainbow™ Porcelain rainbow™ Dental Porcelain 1. Device Name Proprietary Name: rainbow™ Porcelain Common Name: Dental Ceramic Classification Name: Porcelain powder for zirconia rainbow™ Pocelain is a dental material product composed of feldspar, quartz, oxides, carbonates and color pigments including fluorescent pigment. It consists of Liner, Opacious Dentin, Dentin, Enamel, Translucent, Cervical, Margin, Glaze and Stain, and the special porcelain for Opal effect and Fluor effect. rainbow™ Porcelain is used by dental technicians for the preparation of all-ceramic crowns and bridges. It is...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Opal Effect The dental enamel reflects the short wavelength blue portion of light, transmits warm, long wavelength orange-colored light, and glows in the transmitted light almost like amber. This phenomenon is caused by tiny water inclusions and impurities. Opal porcelain of rainbow™ Porcelain shows excellent opalescence effect by nano-crystal precipitated in porcelain. Fluor Effect The natural fluorescence emanate from deep inside of the tooth. Ultraviolet light, as electromagnetic radiation from the non-visible spectrum of daylight, stimulates this particular form of...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Thermal Expansion and Firing < Comparison of CTE > In porcelain-substructure system, the coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) is a key property of dental porcelain powder. It must be consistent with the CTE of the zirconia so as to fabricate excellent artificial teeth of high coherency with zirconia substructure. Leucite crystal is used for the CTE of dental porcelain powder which should be controlled down 1×10-6/℃ less than the CTE(=10.5×10-6/℃) of zirconia. If fired in high-temperature, the ceramic powder is likely to discolor or decolorize by volatilization and...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Shade Combination Table

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Shade Combination Table (VITA Lumin) Opal Effect Neutral Yellow Orange Brown Pink Blue Grey Milky Yellow Orange Brown Pink Blue Grey White Dentin Modifier DM-YL DM-OR DM-BR DM-PK DM-BL DM-GR DM-WT Glaze & Stain GLAZE ST-Yellow ST-Ocher ST-Brown ST-yBrown ST-rBrown ST-dBrown

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rainbow™ Porcelain

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rainbow™ Porcelain Build-up Procedure ∙ Bridge Build-up ∙ Posterior Build-up ∙ Single Crown Build-up

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rainbow™ Porcelain Build-up Procedure Translucent Opal Effect Fluor Effect Dentin Opacious Dentin Liner Zirconia Coping Liner Build-up Flour Build-up Opal Build-up

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rainbow™ Porcelain Bridge build-up Zirconia Abutment Zirconia Coping Fabricate zirconia frame after milling, coloring and firing zirconia block. Mix Liner powder with Liner liquid to make creamy state. Apply LNT porcelain on zirconia coping uniformly Liner porcelain is used to enhance the bonding strength and complement the shade of zirconia coping. LNB is used to increases opacity, whiteness and LNT is to maintain translucency. After firing Liner Apply desired shade and translucency Liner on coping and fire it. If applying Liner for 2 times, conduct luster firing first and then fire in...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Bridge build-up Fluor-T Build-up Enamel, Translucent Build-up To emphasize fluorescent effect, apply Fluor-T(trans) porcelain before building up Enamel and Translucent porcelain. Build up Enamel and Translucent porcelain to match the shape and translucent of prosthesis. Build up Enamel and Translucent porcelain to fit with the shape and transparency. If build-up is insufficient after 1st firing, perform additional build-up using Enamel and/or Translucent porcelain at the insufficient area. Glazing after the 2nd Firing Finished Prosthesis After 2nd firing, complete the...

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rainbow™ Porcelain Posterior build-up Zirconia Coping Mix Liner porcelain with Liner Liquid. Entirely coat the zirconia coping with Liner. After firing Liner Build-up Dentin porcelain to an appropriate size. Build-up Enamel and Translucent porcelain to fit with shape and transparency. After firing Body. Completed second build-up After second firing and contouring. After Glazing. Completed dental prosthesis.

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Zirconia Coping Firing after applying Liner on coping. Setting zirconia coping on the stone Form mamelon structure after Dentin Build-up Enamel and Translucent After first Build-up porcelain build-up. porcelain to fit with shape and After firing and glazing Completed dental prosthesis.

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rainbow™ Porcelain Firing Schedule Firing Start Temp. Heating Rate High Temp. Holding Time Liner Firing Margin Firing Add-on Firing ※ NOTICE 1. This firing schedule is just recommended conditions to obtain a good firing result. 2. The firing temperature and holding time should be changed according to the condition of your porcelain furnace, and the design and number of bridges. 3. The firing temperature of Liner-LNB is 940℃, and it is 10℃ higher than Liner-shade. 4. It is recommended to heat slowly due to low thermal conductivity of zirconia.

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rainbow™ Porcelain Clinical Case

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rainbow Porcelain - 18

rainbow™ Porcelain Single case Implant case

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rainbow Porcelain - 19

rainbow™ Porcelain Single case Long bridge case

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rainbow™ Porcelain rainbow™ Porcelain ∙ Contents of rainbow™ Porcelain ∙ Special Liquids of rainbow™ Porcelain ∙ Kit of rainbow™ Porcelain

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rainbow™ Porcelain Products of rainbow™ Porcelain Liner Represents basic shading and enhances the bond strength. Includes most fluorescent pigment to increase the fluor effect like natural teeth. Opacious Dentin Fills up the insufficient area of Pontic or Core Controls transparency if thickness of Dentin is not enough. It is used to make the shape and represent the shade of prosthesis. Porcelain to express the translucent incisal part of teeth. Porcelain to express the more translucency of incisal part. Opal Effect Porcelain to express the translucent incisal part of teeth. Fluor Effect...

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