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Why Dentium? Dentium will continue to meet the demands of our valued customers by providing the highest quality products

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Overview Dentium Co., Ltd. was found in South Korea in June 2000 as the first company to successfully achieve the S.L.A. (Sandblasting with Large grits and Acid etching) surface treatment technology. Ever since its establishment, Dentium has collaborated with leading clinicians, research institutes, and universities to develop and offer the state-ofthe-art products to make dental implant surgeries easier and more predictable. Dentium’s products are developed by industry leaders backed by unprecedented hours of research and long-term clinical documentation. To ensure that Dentium offers...

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Branch Offices • Manufacturing Site • Local representative Dentium currently has its own corporate and branch offices in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Turkey, India and Singapore. Dentium exports its implant products to more than 70 countries through local distributors. Information on the local distributors and corporate offices of Dentium can be found on our website ( )

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Simple & Predictable 15 Years of Clinical Evidence Dentium provides PREDICTABILITY based on EVIDENCE. 15 years history of consistent implant design with S.L.A. Surface (Sandblasted with Large grit and Acid etched) excellent bone preservation. EFFICIENCY through SIMPLICITY Single abutment connection is used for all implant diameters ( ). One abutment screw fits all abutments and fixture platforms. S.L.A. (Sandblasting with Large grits and Acid etching) Surface? Cell number 3 X 10, after 7 days of cell culture Dentium Total Catalog 5

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Products of Dentium Dentium is the first company in South Korea to successfully achieve the S.L.A. (Sandblasting with Large grits and Acid etching) surface treatment technology, which ensures excellent stability and biocompatibility. Dentium recently completed a clinical milestone by gathering “over 10 years of long-term data,” an amazing achievement and testament to its products and its research and development. Dentium has obtained the FDA clearance from the USA and the CE Certification from Europe and has been exporting products to over 70 different countries worldwide. Dentium’s...

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Implant System SuperLine 10 for Sinus for Narrow Ridge for Guide for Prosthetic for Maintenance iCT Motor iCT InjectionSE Kits & Instruments Lab Products rainbow™ Blocks • Shine-T Block 36 rainbow™ Lithium Disilicate • LS Pressing 37 rainbow™ Coloring Liquid 38 rainbow™ Brushing Liquid 39 rainbow™ Paste Stain 41 Digital Dentistry rainbow™ CT 44 rainbow™ Scanner Prime 45 rainbow™ Mill - Metal 46 rainbow™ Mill - Clinic 47 rainbow™ Mill Bur List 49

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Implant System Dentium Total Catalog 9

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Joint stability & Improved strength for zirconia crown • Abutment material: Grade 4 Alloy Tensile strength [MPa, min] S.L.A. Surface (Sandblasted with Large grits and Acid etched) • S.L.A. Surface allows good boneto-implant contact with good clinical performance, maintaining crestal bone margin. • Long hex design: Improved recognition reference: Kim H., et. al.”The biocompatability of SLA-treated Titanium Implants” Biomed. Mater. 2008; 3(2):025011 Improved soft tissue management • Concave abutment design • Non-coating Improved wall thickness Double Thread & Thread Height • Double-Threaded...

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Abutment Screw • Ø1.9mm hole size for abutment screw Ø1.9 Platform-Switched Design • Platform-Switched design may be beneficial in marginal bone preservation NR Line Dual Abutment Reference: Hsu. et. al., "Comparison of Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Platform-Switched Implants with a Rough Collar and Platform Good Soft Tissue Response Matched Implants with a Smooth Collar: A 1-Year Randomized Clinical Trial Int .J. Oral Maxillofac ial Implants 2016;30:382-290 S.L.A. Surface (Sandblasted with Large grits and Acid etched) Narrow but can cover full Line up • asy application combined...

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Optimal Fixation Threads • Synchronized positive neck threads. • Initial stability & maximum sealing between the cortical bone and fixture. • Optimal fixation threads reduce stress of marginal cortical bone and minimize marginal bone loss. Dual Thread Design Biological Thread • Thread platform design creates excellent bone to implant contact. Extended Cutting Edge • Threads engage and penetrate bone with ease. • Improved self-tapping ability • Allows more control over the depth of fixture placement • Alleviates the occurrence of over-torque during placement in dense bone Implant Guide...

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SCA Abutment • Offers additional gingival height options Ti-Retaining Screw • Implantation with the SCA Abutment • Smaller diameter of abutment screw has reduced a tendency of falling off a resin in the screw hole. • Able to reproduce emergence profile • Effective soft tissue management • More stable occlusal scheme Ø2.0mm 8 degree Morse Taper & Octagon Connection • Screw loosening is well prevented due to the cold welding mechanism for solid abutment application. • Maximized depth of the octagon design to enable easy adaptation verification for dual abutment application. Double-threaded...

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Straight & Angled Abutment Denture System S • lanted implantation is possible with the combination of angled abutment (15°, 25°). • Mini ball size (Ø1.8) C • ement the final restoration onto the abutment. • Mini o-ring type denture socket • Minimal-size denture socket • Mini o-ring are replaceable Ø4.05 • electing direction is easy due to the S Octa 45° rotation angles. Tilting Angle Up to ±15 degrees of tilting angles to accommodate the pathway of the implant. Double-threaded Design • harpened thread design promotes S better initial stability in soft bone • asy & fast insertion can be done...

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