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Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes PART OF THE FAMEY OF COMPANES

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CONDUIT™ Cervical System Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 1

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Intended use / Indications The EIT™ Cellular Titanium Cervical Cages are indicated for use in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease (defined as discogenic neck pain with degeneration of the disc confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies) and instabilities at one or more levels of the cervical spine with accompanying radicular symptoms, ruptured or herniated discs, and pseudarthrosis or failed spondylodesis. Patients should have at least six (6) weeks of non-operative treatment prior to surgery. EIT Cellular Titanium Cervical Cages are used to restore the...

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CONDUIT™ Cervical Implant Lattice Structure Geometry • ~ 80% porosity1 • ~700 pm diamond pore size2 Dome shaped Dome shaped to fit endplate anatomy3,4 Rough surface Rough elevated surface Grafting Designed to allow for bone grafting Various sizes 2 footprint sizes for maximized endplate contact • Small (S) = 12 x 16 mm • Large (L) = 14 x 18 mm Various heights 7 heights in 1mm increments • 4-10 mm Several angles 4° and 8° lordosis angle for spinal alignment and sagittal balance Lateral wedge Lateral wedge design for maximal contact of the uncovertebral joint 1. VAL2016-043 Strut diameter...

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Implants 4° Angle Height_Small Note: Implant sizes are subject to market availability 4 DePuy Synthes CONDUIT™ Cervical System Surgical Technique

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CONDUIT™ Cervical System Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 5

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Part A Inserter Tube Part D Tail wheel Part E Tube wheel 6 DePuy Synthes CONDUIT™ Cervical System Surgical Technique

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Removal forceps Cervical Instrument Tray fits 15 trials Cervical Tray Insert fits 5 additional trials CONDUIT™ Cervical System  Surgical Technique  DePuy Synthes

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Surgical Technique Place the patient in the supine position with slight extension to facilitate access to the anterior cervical spine. Locate the correct operative level and incision site with fluoroscopy. Use the medial anterior approach for C2-T1 and dissect the affected disc space per the standard operating procedure for an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. (Figure 1) Discectomy and Endplate Preparation Use a Caspar Distractor to distract the space. Perform microsurgical decompression to relieve all points of neural compression and prominent ventral spondylosis ridges, preserving...

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Surgical Technique Inserter options 1. nserter: Inserter-Forceps, no assembly required. I (Figure 3) 2. lender Inserter: Pencil shaped inserter, assembly S required. (Figure 4) Slender Inserter Assembly The Slender Inserter consists of five parts that must be assembled (Figure 5). Connect the Tube wheel (part E) to the Inserter Tube (part A). Slide the Gripper (part B) in the Inserter Tube (part A) and Tube Wheel (part E) to prevent the Tube Wheel from falling off of the Inserter Tube. Connect the Tail Wheel (part D) to the Tube Wheel (part E). Slide the Stopper (part C) into the Gripper...

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Surgical Technique Implant Insertion The implant can be packed with bone graft to facilitate the fusion process. Insert the implant into the intervertebral disc space. The implant should be positioned posteriorly to fit the concavity of the inferior endplate of the superior vertebral body. Confirm the position of the implant with fluoroscopy. The posterior edge of the implant should be at least 2 mm anterior to the dura. Detach the Inserter from the implant, by opening the Inserter Forceps (Figure 7) or turning the Tube Wheel counter clockwise to open up the tips of the Slender Inserter. If...

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Contents The package contains one EIT Cellular Titanium Cervical Cage. Description The EIT Cellular Titanium Cervical Cage is an implant made from a titanium alloy for the anterior stabilization of the cervical spinal column using an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) surgery. EIT Cellular Titanium Cervical Cages are offered in a variety of geometries and sizes to accommodate patient anatomy. Material The EIT Cellular Titanium Cervical Cage is made from titanium 6-aluminum 4-vanadium alloy (ISO 5832-3). It is supplied sterile and is available in a variety of heights, footprints...

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• Patients with previous spinal surgery at the level(s) to be treated may have different clinical outcomes compared to those without a previous surgery • Never reuse an implant. Although the implant may appear undamaged, previous stresses may have created nonvisible damage that could result in implant failure. • Never use an implant if its packaging is damaged. • An implant with damaged packaging might be damaged itself and thus may not be resterilized or used. • Never use an implant that is past its expiration date. Storage, inspection and resterilization Storage The implant is...

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• The service life of the implant is determined by body weight and physical activity. The implant must not be subjected to overload through extreme strain, or through work-related or athletic activities. • Corrective surgery may be necessary if the implant fails. • The patient must have a physician carry out follow-up examinations of the implant at regular intervals. Intraoperative Prior to use, inform yourself in the product brochure about the operating technique, the related implants and the instruments. Prior to use, verify the integrity of the sterile packaging and check the product...

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Limited Warranty and Disclaimer: DePuy Synthes products are sold with a limited warranty to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship and materials. Any other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, are hereby disclaimed. Please refer to the package insert(s) or other labeling associated with the devices identified in this surgical technique for additional information. These devices are not for sale nor promotion directly to patients. Not all products may currently be available in all markets. DePuySynthes PART OF THE ^eA*WBH4^ofclMetl...

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