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TECHNIQUE OVERVIEW Perform incisions and bone resections and address soft tissue contractures as necessary. Note: Resections should be perpendicular to the long axis of the bones in the transverse plane. In the sagittal plane, resections should be perpendicular to the long axis if using a straight implant. If using an angled implant, a 10-degree proximal-dorsal to distal-plantar bias on the middle phalange should be considered. Open the HAMMERLOCK® 2 Implant Drill Kit (DK-H2) and, using the 2.1 mm Drill Bit supplied, drill into the medullary canal of the middle phalange until the attached plastic drill stop is reached or resistance from subchondral bone is met. Remove the drill stop and drill into the medullary canal of proximal phalange until the shoulder of the Drill Bit is reached or resistance from subchondral bone is met. Slide the pin of the HAMMERLOCK 2 Implant Sizing Guide supplied in the Drill Kit into each of the drilled canals of the phalanges and read the markings on the Sizing Guide to determine the size of the distal and proximal segments of the implant.

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Using the #1 Starter Broach supplied in the HAMMERLOCK 2 Implant Drill Kit, broach into the distal and proximal canals, using an in-and-out motion without rotating. Make sure wide aspect of the Broach is parallel to the medial plane of the bone. Repeat the broaching process into both canals using the #2 Broach. Open the appropriate HAMMERLOCK 2 Implant Kit containing the HAMMERLOCK 2 Memory Implant, preloaded on the Implant Inserter. Note: Do not remove the Retaining Tab. Insert the exposed proximal end of the implant into the proximal phalange until the Retaining Tab makes contact with the...

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