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MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System.


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MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. - 1

MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System Multiply your options. Improved fixation Flexible system with multiple locking options Innovative design reduces inventory ®^*M^H ^^^^M^T^*'- Instruments and implants ^9 WtW M MME^J approved by the AO Foundation

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MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. - 2

MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. Multiply your options. Features and Benets With the MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System, Synthes opens up new opportunities for the treatment of humeral fractures. The modular implant system, consisting of a short and long nail with multiple locking options, covers a wide application range to address simple and complex fractures. The straight nail design and innovative screw concept enable customizable solutions for the individual patient. Straight nail design for central insertion point: – improved anchorage in strong subchondral bone1 – potentially avoiding...

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MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. - 3

Screw-in-screw for improved fixation in osteoporotic bone Unique and innovative screw-in-screw technology permits a more specific treatment of proximal humeral fractures. 3.5 mm locking screws inserted through the heads of MultiLoc screws target the posteromedial region with strong bone mineral density (BMD)4,5, reducing instances of varus collapse and providing improved fixation in osteoporotic bone 3,4. Ascending screw provides medial support Medial support enhances the stability of the osteosynthesis and allows for a more secure fixation of proximal humeral fractures3, especially...

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MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. - 4

All technique guides are available as PDF files at 036.001.378 version AC 07/2012  30101314  © Synthes, Inc. or its affiliates  Subject to modifications  Synthes and MultiLoc are trademarks of Synthes, Inc. or its affiliates MultiLoc Humeral Nailing System. Multiply your options.

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