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COMPETITIVE COMPARISON CORAIL® AMT TOTAL HIP SYSTEM VS. SMITH & NEPHEW POLAR CEMENTLESS STEM CORAIL HIP SYSTEM OVERVIEW First implanted in 1986 by the ARTRO Group in France, published evidence for the CORAIL Hip System proves that it is a class-leading hydroxyapatite (HA) coated cementless implant. In many markets it is considered the standard of care for primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) when compared with other cementless hip implants.1-3 The CORAIL Stem is designed to provide secure initial and long-term fixation with mechanical stability within the femur. This is achieved by a combination of shape, surface features, implant material and choice of biological material. Due to the success of CORAIL its Portfolio has continued to expand; allowing it to meet the needs of patients and surgeons in revision and to treat patients with poor bone stock with the development of CORAIL Revision, distally locking REEF™ and CORAIL cemented. CORAIL HIP SYSTEM KEY FEATURES & FACTS: Key Features: • Compaction broaching Technique • Collared, collarless and coxa vara options • Revision, cemented and dysplastic options Key Facts: • Over 100,000 documented CORAIL implantations in registries2-4 • In Q4 2012, CORAIL achieved over 1 million unit sales worldwide since its introduction5 • Over 27 years of clinical experience The chart on the following page compares standard features of both products. For more information on the CORAIL stem, visit CORAILPINNACLE.NET, download the CORAIL PINNACLE App from iTunes or contact Liam Salvin (, tel: +44 (0)7900 341265) to access the competitive comparison App.

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CORAIL AMT Total Hip System Polarstem Cementless Stem System6 FULLY HA COATED SIZES AVAILABLE Standard Collarless Coxa Vara Collared High Offset Collared ANGLE E Neck Angle NECK LENGTH RANGE D Standard High Offset Coxa Vara OFFSET RANGE C Standard High Progressive Neck Coxa Vara STEM LENGTH RANGE A All Stems RANGE Revision 9 (Standard) / 9 (High Offset) 11 (Standard) / 10 (High Offset) 2 Standard (1 collared/ 2 collarless) MATERIALS Coating Grit-blasted wrought Ti-6Al-4V alloy substrate with 155 microns (plus/minus 35 microns) HA coating • Broach Preparation • Primary Stem; Total...

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CORAIL AMT Total Hip System (only) FULLY HA COATED SIZES AVAILABLE 135° short neck Stem sizes 6 Standard Stem Sizes 8-20 only KHO Stem Sizes 9-20 only KLA Stem Sizes 9-20 only Total Offset = C + ( ( L – 5 ) x Cos ( θ – 90˚ ) ) Key : L = Head Offset / θ = Neck Angle˚ / C = Stem Offset (highlighted column) STEM LENGTH STEM LENGTH NECK LENGTH NECK SHAFT NECK HEIGHT NOTE: See CORAIL product literature for full list of stem dimensions. Competitor Comparison | CORAIL AMT Total Hip System vs. Smith & Nephew Polar Cementless Stem

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References 1. Hallan G, Lie SA, Furnes O, Engesaeter L, Vollset S, Havelin LB. Medium- and long-term performance of 11 516 uncemented primary femoral stems from the Norwegian arthroplasty registry. J Bone Joint Surgery [Br]; 2007; 89B(12): 1574-1580. 2. The National Joint Registry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 11th Annual Report 2014. Available from URL: http://www. [accessed 25/09/14]. 3. Australian Orthopaedic Association, National Joint Replacement Registry. Annual Report. Adelaide: AOA ; 2013....

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