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TECHNIQUE OVERVIEW Instructions for SPEED Memory Implants When Using DK-200, DU-200, DK-265, or DU-265 Drill Kits ™ Determine the correct Implant size by using the BME® SPEED™ X-Ray Template or intraoperatively using the BME Continuous Compression Implant Sizing Guide (SG-1) to measure the fusion site. Open the chosen Implant Kit and its corresponding Drill Kit. Connect the Drill Guide Tip, located in the Implant Kit, to the Drill Guide Handle located in the Drill Kit. While ensuring full reduction, place the Drill Guide Assembly across the fusion site with both prongs touching bone. Drill the first hole using the Drill Bit provided in the Drill Kit until the positive stop is reached.* Insert a Pull Pin into the first hole and, while ensuring full reduction, repeat step 3 to create the second hole. Optional: Insert another Pull Pin into the second hole. The Drill Guide Assembly can be removed leaving the Pull Pins in place to mark the position of the drill holes. If desired, create a 1.0-1.5 mm trough in line with the two drill holes so that the implant can be recessed. Remove the Insertion Tool containing the SPEED Memory Implant from the Implant Package. Remove the Pull Pins from the predrilled holes and align the tips of the legs of the SPEED Memory Implant parallel with the drill

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Insert the SPEED Memory Implant as far as possible into the predrilled holes. Note: To ensure proper implant placement, fluoroscopy may be used prior to releasing the implant. Press the distal third of the central button with thumb while simultaneously twisting the insertion tool until disengagement has been verified. Align the supplied Tamp with the bridge of the implant and use as needed to completely seat the implant. Additional implant disengagement options: • Press button with thumb to release. • Twist Insertion Tool in either direction to release. The above steps are an overview of the...

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