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MEDICAL LIGHTING reddot award 2018 winner

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Your working comfort is our mission. OPTICLUX has everything a modern magnifier luminaire is meant to have: a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED modules, ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation. OPTICLUX’s biggest plus is its daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle. As an approved medical device, it can be versatilely used in dermatology, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products. WOOD LIGHT Ergonomic handling Long service...

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Laboratories, medical practices, clinics, etc. APPROVED MEDICAL DEVICE compliant with Excellent light field Reliable color rendering Due to large magnifier diameter (Ø 160 mm, Very good scratch-resistant 6 500 K LEDs Two lighting modes in one device: optional 3.5 dpt) and strong, dimmable illumination ensure less shadow formation and optimal Wood light for examining fluorescent color rendering lesions and pigment changes

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OPTICLUX – Seeing far beyond the average. Magnifier luminaires are a dime a dozen. But very few are tested medical devices according to EN 60601-1. With its unique light quality and sophisticated design, OPTICLUX is ideal for use in various fields of medicine. OPTICLUX Eases the eyes Simple, versatile mounting options 90 LEDs ensure homogeneous, low-shadow illumination; The only magnifier luminaire in its segment that is available as a ceiling individual adjustment with step-free dimming, high translucence due version and a pin version with fastening accessories for walls, tables, to...

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WOOD LIGHT OPTICLUX with Wood light. The special model variant for dermatologists, veterinarians and forensic medicine combines two lighting modes in one device: daylight white illumination and Wood light. This means that different examinations can be performed with just one light. Other Wood luminaires require the room to be completely darkened. Thanks to powerful BLB LEDs, the Opticlux doesn’t need this. That means more time for the patient. For radiation of certain dermatomycoses to obtain diagnostic indications based on the fluorescence that occurs: Also for fluorescence diagnostics (FD)...

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Hospitals, outpatient    Veterinariansclinics and practices Optimal examination conditions: • Large magnifier diameter • Ergonomic handling • Very good color rendering R13 > 95 The Wood light version is recommended for optimal diagnosis of skin diseases. Other uses: • Ideal magnification for inspecting sterilized goods • Approved medical device for examinations • Minor treatments • Outstanding light quality • color rendering properties Free hand: • Flexible mounting on ceiling, wall or roller stand • Large light field • Optimal magnification for examination and treatment of various animals...

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Dental technicians Quality control Outstanding lighting properties: • Step-free dimming • 3.5-dpt magnification • Excellent color authenticity CRI /Ra > 93 for the best results and fatigue-free work Details at a glance: • Daylight-white LED light with 1.9x magnification • Very homogeneous light field • Precise, stable positioning with no risk of the luminaire sinking Detect subtleties: • Very bright, dimmable light with optimal color rendering • Large magnifier diameter • Distortion-free magnification supports systematic quality control table clamp

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room ceiling height Ceiling version OPTICLUX - CEILING VERSION pure white / gray direct power supply pure white / gray direct power supply Wood light Pin version for various fastening systems OPTICLUX - PIN VERSION pure white / gray OPTICLUX 10-1 P TX OPTICLUX 10-2 P TX OPTICLUX 10-2 P TX pure white / gray pure white / gray pure white / gray – Wood light Wood light OPTICLUX compact • Color temperature daylight white 6 500 K * Illumination intensity • Scratch-resistant acrylic lens with 3.5 diopters • Color rendering properties * CRI > 93, R9 > 90, R13 > 95 • Bright, homogeneous light field...

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What do the CRI/Ra values mean? What do the color rendering properties mean? The Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra) is an index for the naturalness of color. How well are the colors reproduced in comparison to sunlight? sunlight has a color rendering index of 100. At Ra 100, all of an object's colors are recognized as in optimal daylight. The higher the color rendering index, the more naturally the colors are reproduced. In medicine, the red test color R9 plays a crucial role, because differentiation of various red tones in tissues and blood is especially important. R13 is the “skin tone" test...

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USA Waldmann Lighting Company 9 W. Century Drive WHEELING, ILLINOIS 60090 USA Telephone + 1 847 520 1060 Fax + 1 847 520 1730 www.waldmannlighting.com waldmann@waldmannlighting.com CHINA Waldmann Lighting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Part A11a, No. Five Normative Workshop 199 Changjian Road, Baoshan SHANGHAI, P.R.C. 200949 CHINA Telephone + 86 21 5169 1799 Fax + 86 21 3385 0032 www.waldmann.com.cn info-cn@waldmann.com SINGAPORE Waldmann Lighting Singapore Pte. Ltd. 77A Neil Road SINGAPORE 088903 SINGAPORE Telephone + 65 6275 8300 Fax + 65 6275 8377 www.waldmann.com sales-sg@waldmann.com List of...

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