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1 3 principles of effective lighting 2 Products at a glance Fields of application Luminaires overview Wall-mounted luminaires over the bed Medical wall supply units Built-in and mounted luminaries LIGHT FOR CARE & HEALTH 10 Orientation lighting 7 8 9 Wall-mounted luminaires Freestanding luminaires Table and reading luminaries 11 Helpful hints How we can help Standard lighting requirements

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- University Hospital, Zurich - Hôtel Club Saint Max, Nancy - Woonzorg Coloriet, Lelystad - Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung, Nottwil - Korian Castel Voltaire, Châtillon - Woonzorg Haaglanden, the Hague - Ichilov Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv - St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, Youngstown, Ohio - Marienhospital, Cologne - Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten, - Obihiro Kosei Hospital, Hokkaido - Uniklinik, Bonn Wohnhäuser, Vienna - Kumamoto Saishun Medical Center Derungs Licht AG is a member of the Waldmann Group. - “Pro PersonaCare” senior care, Neubrandenburg and Altentreptow - Caritas,...

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MEDICAL LIGHTING Derungs luminaires have Swiss roots Our lighting solutions can be found around the globe. Our national companies arid international partnership networks contribute to worldwide success. HEALTH MEDIA reddot award 2018 winner

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Light and life go hand in hand. This is what we believe. Effective lighting contributes greatly to people’s health and well-being. Our biodynamic technology plays a big part in our product portfolio. A refined design and minimalistic form, strong, durable materials, and the latest in LED technology, allow us to offer our customers complete lighting solutions, including the use of light management systems.

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CHALLENGES DEMENTIA AND DELIRIUM People who have dementia or suffer from acute delirium can completely change from night to day. Because the brain recovers in deep sleep, it is especially important to restore the circadian rhythm. As part of a preventive approach, it is important to maintain the patient's sleep-wake rhythm and orientation, so that no delirium occurs. Another fundamental challenge is that age demographics of patients are changing and more older patients are being treated in hospitals than in years past. Delirium 1 • At this time no comprehensive delirium prevention protocol...

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EVERYDAY FALLING HAZARDS Decreasing eyesight Falling hazards Risk factors When eyesight declines in old age or due to illness, A professional light concept helps people perceive Falls are the most frequent reason for the elderly to it seriously affects the independence and activity of the their environment properly. It can relieve anxiety and undergo medical care. In addition to painful bruises and personally related causes: person affected. Professional light planning can improve the improve participation in everyday life. hematomas, 15% of the people suffer severe injuries • Sudden...

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PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LIGHT 01 | THE RIGHT LIGHT IN THE RIGHT PLACE 02 | THE RIGHT LIGHT COLOR AND COLOR RENDERING 03 | THE RIGHT LIGHT AT THE RIGHT TIME VISUAL TIMING LIGHT The visual dimension makes it possible to see, to perceive our environment and perform cognitive tasks. 3 PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE LIGHTING The interplay of light and color Light controls our circadian rhythm triggers moods and is therefore and affects our health and well- interior design field.

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PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LIGHT 01 | THE RIGHT LIGHT IN THE RIGHT PLACE Undesirable shadow formation due to poor lighting Light used too sparingly can make a room look threatening to someone with failing vision, while other lights can glare or throw confusing shadows. It is important to look at each room individually, and considering each room’s primary use, include natural and artificial light effectively. The way natural daylight is distributed in or on the building: 0.2 lux during a full moon at midnight 10,000 lux under a cloudy sky 10 lux under street lighting 300 lux in the middle of the...

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PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LIGHT 19 Unfavorable room lighting Our recommendation DOs 100 % Direct lighting alone • Reflexive glare and undesirable shadow formations occur due to close bundling of light and concentrated light sources • Unsettling reflections on the floor appear that could be interpreted as water • Dark, oppressive room appearance triggers anxiety and does not appear inviting • Emits uncomfortable lighting for people lying down, because they are looking directly into the light source 100 % Indirect lighting alone • Diffuses lighting atmosphere as contrasts become blurred • Room...

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02 THE RIGHT LIGHT COLOR AND COLOR RENDERING Light is a design tool. It brings dimensions, materials and colors to life. Light affects how we perceive rooms, and also whether we feel well and safe. appropriate for cold-white light Quality feature - Ra color rendering index Light sources with the same light color can have different color rendering properties. Therefore, the Ra color rendering index (CRI) is used to evaluate artificial light sources. The index indicates how true to nature colors are under the relevant light source compared to color rendering under natural daylight. The...

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PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LIGHT THE RIGHT LIGHT AT THE RIGHT TIME (Source: cortisol level melatonin level Light not only allows us to see, but affects the Learned from nature human body in many ways: “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL) for lighting buildings can It guides biological processes and sets our sleep-wake recreate the characteristics of natural daylight. The Visual rhythm. How is this possible? The hormones melatonin Timing Light (VTL) is such a light management system. (the “sleep hormone”) and cortisol (the “stress hormone”) play an important role. The low-wave spectral How...

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PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LIGHT GmbH, therapeutic care centers Prof. Dr. med. Ralf-Joachim Schulz, Germany Gerd Bekel Experience report: Biologically effective light in the Biodynamic light management as part of an “enriched clinical environment of a delirium/dementia unit environment” concept “The Visual Timing Light concept is a building block in “We can see a direct effect on individual symptoms in our light therapy as an overall approach to improving the clients with Parkinson’s disease and other milieu of our dementia ward. Through stabilization of the neurodegenerative...

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