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Therapeutic care centres

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REFERENCE REPORT Pflegetherapeutische Zentren Altentreptow & Neubrandenburg GmbH • Poststratee 10 • 17087 Altentreptow • Tel.: +49 (0) 39 61 / 22 944-0

 Open the catalog to page 1 currently runs two nursing facilities. They offer completely new ways of nursing care and treatment. These comprise: Biodynamic lighting concepts, special movement and coordination concepts for those in need of care, promotion of independence, even for advanced care needs, promotion of quality of life. From the beginning the aim was to use biodynamic VTL light management as part of the "Enriched Environment" design. The lighting design was developed on the basis of international scientific knowledge. The focus here was on the improvement of quality of life for...

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“After about five months of use in the Altentreptow care and treatment centre we can confirm that our clients/patients are definitely more active. We have observed that their day/night rhythm has been restored, just as we intended. For clients/patients who only occasionally attend our facilities, or have been absent for a long time, e.g. after a stay in hospital, we often observe a high level of tiredness, restlessness, hangover syndrome. We assume that they have been exposed to poor lighting conditions. The lighting design has been positively evaluated by families whose relatives stay with...

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2 Dining room VIVAA VTL C 400 and VIVAA VTL C 600 Lighting suitable for the elderly improves perception of space and helps prevent falls. 3 Lounge areas VIVAA VTL C 600 Depending on the level of daylight, the lighting encourages activity or provides a calming atmosphere.

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SUNLIGHT FOR INSIDE SPACES What is Visual Timing Light? The Visual Timing Light (VTL) light It simulates the progress of daylight as management system is a tried and it automatically changes the intensity tested daylight tracking system. and colour of indirect general lighting. It was developed more than 10 years The firmly defined time-dependent controlled operation curve is based on to support the sleep-wake rhythm of scientific knowledge and evaluation. people with dementia or people who The light colour varies between 6 500 K (daylight white, stimulating) and 3 000 K (warm white,...

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OASIS OF CALM 5 Treatment area VIVAA VTL C 400 Provides evenly bright and low‑shadow lighting for fatigue‑free working. 6 Dementia laboratory VIVAA VTL C 400 Cognitive capacity is stimulated by high-strength, daylight-white lighting. 7 Relaxation room VANERA LED 80 DALI Warm white, dimmable light supports relaxation phases

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“All staff say that they are now rarely tired during the working day. For them, this is a positive change compared to previous employers. They feel more rested and say they sleep better. This has not been formally evaluated, but has been discussed in staff meetings. The finding is still significant.“ Roman Balk Managing Director 8 Dining room VIVAA VTL C 400 Daylight quality lighting improves the perception of food

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LIVING AREA 9 Residents’ rooms AMADEA Bed 39/39W and OBLO LED 370 The lighting in the hallway balances out the differences in brightness and provides greater safety. 10 Residents’ rooms CUBE The small lights create an atmosphere of wellbeing and also make night-time orientation easier. 11 Residents’ bathroom VANERA Bath 2x24 W Gentle, shadow-free light improves self-awareness and reduces the risk of a fall. 1

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MOVEMENT ZONES 12 staircase and corridor area 2nd floor OBLO LED 370 and CUBE Evenly illuminated corridors improve safety when walking and prevent misinterpretation resulting from irritating shadows.

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To maintain and support the capabilities of people in need of care. The human image of GmbH is based on capability-oriented approaches to human otogenetics (human GmbH competence approach) and the care concepts of Dorothea E. Pflegetherapeutische Zentren Orem (self care competence). The lighting design is part of the evidence-based care concept. Spaces have been organised into various subdivisions according to “Enriched Environment” models and are based on the care concept of supporting capability. The VTL (Visual Timing Light) lighting concept...

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