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CHUCK KEYS, WRENCHES AND SPANNERS Used with WIRE GUARDS For use with Large and Small bone instruments - MPX, MPZ, DPX, DPZ, EPV, D30, HST, PLX.

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B AT T E R Y A N D E L E C T R I C A L C O M P O N E N T S For use with powered handpiece types MBQ, DBK, MBU, DBC, DBR, MDX and TDZ A S E P T I C B AT T E R I E S AB-450 Small aseptic battery 10.8V Nimh Capacity 1000 mAh AH-450 Small aseptic battery housing AS-450 Small aseptic battery shield AB-450 Small aseptic battery 10.8V Nimh Capacity 1000 mAh AH-700 Small aseptic battery housing AS-700 Small aseptic battery shield AB-600 Large aseptic battery 9.6V NiMH Capacity 2100 mAh AH-610 Large aseptic battery housing AS-610 Large aseptic battery shield AB-701 Medium aseptic battery 10.8V NiMH...

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Battery charger, power supply, power consoles and foot switch, Order code Battery Type - Charger Module None Module Order code - BC-700 BC-700 Multi bay charger * CA-450 charging adaptor required Order code 14540 POWER SUPPLY PS-701 Corded direct power supply. Powers handpiece types MBQ and MBU. Power supply input 240 Vac. CM-700 Corded module Order code 15720 PS-700 Corded direct power supply. Powers handpiece types MBQ, MBU, MDX and TDZ. Power supply input 240 Vac. CM-600 Corded module Order code 11620 POWER CONSOLES PC-450 Used with ECV, MCZ and ACZ handpieces Power supply input...

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GENERAL ACCESSORIES Twist drills - non sterile and stem cutter A.O. shank Order Code De Soutter shank Oscillating - Order Code A.O. equivalent Order Code Minimum order quantity: 5-off mixed or same type. Material: stainless steel. STEM CUTTER Stem cutter 38 mm dia. Diamond disc and arbor assembly Order code 3940 ERGOPLUSTM ACCESSORIES Lever for ECV-220 Order code 14870 Irrigation clip for ECV-221 Order code 639553 Blanking ring for ECV-221 Order code 636573

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A.O. Drill A.O. Reamer Hudson Zimmer Trinkle Harris DHS DCS Targon TX DIN 58809 Biomet drill

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S TA N D A R D   C O N TA I N E R A N D   U N I V E R S A L   T R AY Universal sterilisation case and tray order code: 9350 Universal tray order code: 631343 Lid order code: 630843 Base order code: 630833 Blue mat order code: 616153 Will accept all standard trays Wire sterilisation container and lid. Order code 655073 Accepts both sterile and aseptic insert trays S T E R I L E   F I L T E R E D   C O N TA I N E R Order code 17410 Accepts standard or wire container plus tray Filter paper - single use pack of 100 Order code 657243 Security tag, pack of 100 Order code 657253 Sterile indicator...

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Large bone battery and pneumatic sterilisation systems ORTHODRIVE® BATTERY SYSTEM M U LTI DRIVE™ BATTERY SYSTEM Set up System Standard Container Insert tray and insert tray Order code Order code M U LTI D RIVETM PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Set up Standard Container Insert tray and insert tray Order code Order code Insert trays shown complete with handpieces and other items are for illustration purposes only.

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Trauma and Small Bone sterilisation systems TRAUMADRIVE™ BATTERY SYSTEM MICRODRIVE™ - PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Washing cap for D30 Series and PLX handpieces Order code 8110

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Model System Container and insert tray Order code Insert tray only Order code STERNUDRIVE™ PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Model * Refer to page 8. Insert tray silicone mat - Order code 616153 Washing cap for MPX, SPX and DPX Order code 608073 Washing cap for DPC-470 Order code 9950 BATTERY INSERT TRAY For SB-700 Series batteries Order code 17400 Plastic base, plastic lid and plastic insert NEURO/ENT PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Model Plastic base, plastic lid and plastic insert Washing cap for HST/DPZ handpieces. Order code 9950 Washing cap for HST Nose only. Order code 14830 Insert trays and Containers shown...

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-4i===s^ The Wash Assist co-axial hose system is recommended where machine /far \\Yi washing of air hoses is demanded. By releasing the probe end from hose, \.\ v which is retained on the hose via the rubber strap, the hose ends can be Complete hose length - Order code 3 metre 4 metre

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O Quick release, bayonet action hose fitting with combined coaxial air supply and exhaust hose. This system is non-preferred for machine washing. Complete hose length - Order code 3 metre 4 metre 5 metre

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Wash Assist air hose parts, adaptor without air hose, air hose without adaptor WASH ASSIST AIR HOSE PARTS HOSE WITHOUT ADAPTOR ADAPTOR WITHOUT HOSE Adaptor type For model type - Order code MPX MPZ D30 MA7 A.O. AGA Inst. Draeger Heyer Air Liquide DIN Flowtech AGA Air NPO5

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Hose length - Order code 3 metre 6 metre Hose length - Order code 3 metre 5 metre CONVERSION HOSES Probe end Female end Order code MA7 Probe to A.O. female Order code 12400 A.O. Probe to MA7 female Order code 12410 MA7 female to 1/4" NPT female thread Order code 5160 Multi stage regulator with MA7 female outlet - bull nose Inlet pressure 1/4" BSPT male to 5/8" x 27 TPI male thread Order code 5170

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PNEUMATIC INSTRUMENT ACCESSORIES AND DERMATOME Pump sensor I PS-220 Order code 11570 Hose length - Order code 3 metre 4 metre 5 metre AIR FOOT PEDAL - for use with EPV-221, MPZ-451 and HST-100 Model Order code Foot pedal features Inlet connection Outlet connection DERMATOME Model J | Sole plate 23 mm cutting width Order code 17340 Sole plate 48 mm cutting width Order code 17260 Sole plate 73 mm cutting width Order code 17270 MAINS CABLE UK Euro US/Canada Australia New Zealand Swiss Order code 8290 Order code 8300 Order code 8310 Order code 8320 Order code 8320 Order code 14700 Cable length...

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SALES AND SERVICE POLICIES Servicing and Repairs Our equipment is supported by a number of strategically located servicing and repair centres. All powered instruments and attachments should be regularly serviced to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Regular servicing will minimise the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Servicing includes a comprehensive functional check, cleaning and testing, followed by the replacement of any worn or damaged components. Because of specialist techniques used in the manufacture and maintenance of our equipment, no user or third party servicing is...

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