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Advanced cast saw and dust extraction systems introducing the Red Dot award winning design

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page 2 page 3 page 5 page 7 page 8 page 9 Contents Cordless saw Paediatric saw Low voltage saws Mains voltage saw Accessories Saw blades De Soutter Medical CleanCast™ and QuietCast™ products comply with European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC and sets the highest standards for particulate filtration efficiency thus assisting conformance with COSHH and other international particle exposure regulations. All products in this catalogue are supported by the De Soutter Medical fully comprehensive warranty.

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Battery Powered Saw Cordless The De Soutter Medical CSB-100 saw allows the user total freedom of movement, which is particularly useful for medical emergency services, ward work, the veterinary profession and numerous other applications where the cordless concept is the only practical solution. Saw specification Saw model Oscillating speed Battery voltage Weight Order code Supplied with saw blade Order code 6250. See page 9 for other saw blade options. Battery Voltage Battery charger Supplied with interchangeable mains supply adaptors for use in most countries. Charger model Supply voltage...

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Battery/Mains Powered Saw Paediatric Specifically developed for paediatric use, the Red Dot award winning CSP System is exceptionally quiet and compact minimising patient anxiety. The CSP System offers both battery and mains power options, and lithium ion battery technology provides an unrivalled power to weight ratio. CSP-201 Saw with BP-201 Pro battery pack Battery specification Order code Saw model Oscillating speed Handpiece weight Noise level • Soft start feature with noise control helps minimise patient anxiety. • Rapid charging time - under 3 hours. • Continuous 2 hour - cutting...

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25 mm Order code 15310 DE SOUTTER MEDICAL REF 15310 Mains operation: The CSP-201 saw is fitted to the IC-201 Inter Connector and PS-201 Power Supply. 25 mm course Order code 16120 29 mm Order code 15320 DE SOUTTER MEDICAL REF 15320 CSP-201-A Pro Cast Saw System Order code 1286984 - comprising: CSP-201 Saw and cable BP-201 Battery Pack Pro IC-201 Inter Connector PS-201 Power Supply Carry Case Wrench Saw blade Saw blade Please specify Cordset required. See below Mains Supply Cordsets 2 metres long UK - C7 plug USA - C7 plug AUS - C7 plug Swiss - C7 plug

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The CC5 and CC6 models combine the latest technological features with a functional, ergonomic handgrip. The smooth contours are designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases manoeuvrability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue. On the CC5 model, the dust extraction path is ducted internally through the handpiece which significantly improves visibility and handling in comparison to conventional saws fitted with extraction. Rubber motor mounts insulate the internal mechanism from the outer case. This results in...

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How to order CC5 system - with extraction The power supply unit can be either bench mounted or wall mounted with the fixings provided. The four stage filtration system consisting of an easy to change disposable collection bag, two cloth filters and a micro filter. The micro filter retains 99.997% of all dust particles greater than 0.5 microns. Suction can be switched between powerful 'high' and quiet 'low' setting to suit operator and patient convenience. The extractor with its exceptional dust filtration capability can be connected to either the CC5 or CC4 saw. When the saw is switched on,...

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Mains Voltage Saw High power The CC4 with its powerful 110 watt motor maintains rapid and efficient cutting on the thickest of body casts. The knurled grip close to the saw blade provides the operator with excellent control and flexibility of movement. There is an optional clear extraction hood which ensures good visibility when cutting. The hood is fully rotatable to suit the most convenient cutting position. See extractor on page 6 for full extractor specification. CC4 saw specification Oscillating speed 14000 cpm (or 16000 cpm) Voltage 230 Vac (or 120 Vac) See page 8 and 9 for...

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Secondary cloth filter Order code 603213. Hose clip Order code 603093. Primary cloth filter Order code 603203. Disposable Hepaflow synthetic collection bags. Supplied in packs of 10. Order code 602763. 2 metre length extraction hose. Order code 216933. CC4 extraction hood elbow. Order code 2920. Blade wrench. Order code 204903. CC4 extraction hood. Order code 600003. CC5 extraction hood. Order code 608353. Blade retainer. Order code 610073 Large, two handed cast spreader. Order code 5130. Small, single hand cast spreader. Order code 5120. Plaster shear. Order code 7680. Underpadding...

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Saw Blades For CleanCast saws TM Blade shape Hard chrome PTFE coated Circular Circular Circular Circular Segment Segment Segment Stainless steel Titanium nitride Fibreglass - Deltalite/Scotchcast Polyester - Deltalite/Benicast/CellaCast 1) All blades are sold in boxes of 5. Blades have ‘easy fit’ pentagon mounting hole. Circular blades can be rotated up to five times to maximize their useful life. Low noise/vibration blade - ideal for paediatric use.

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Blades have a universal mounting hole. They can be rotated up to four times to maximize their useful life. These blades can be used with these cast saw brands. • Stryker (840) • Aesculap • Zimmer • M-Pact • Martin • BSN • Medicon Blade range/Part no. All blades are sold in boxes of 5. Blade dia Blade Hard chrome Titanium mm shape PTFE coated nitride POP - Gypsona Fibreglass - Deltalite/Scotchcast Polyester - Deltalite/Benicast/CellaCast

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ITALY De Soutter Medical Italia Localita Fornace SNC 27022 Casorate Primo - PV Tel: +39 (0) 2 9009 4098 Fax: +39 (0) 2 9009 2673 Email: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA De Soutter Medical USA, Inc. 224 Rolling Hill Road, Suite 12A Mooresville, NC 28117 Tel: +1 (704) 655 9040 Fax: +1 (704) 987 2035 Email: NETHERLANDS De Soutter Medical Nederland Gelderlandhaven 2X 3433 PG Nieuwegein Tel: +31 (0) 85 0491480 Fax: +31 (0) 85 0491489 Email: UNITED KINGDOM (INTERNATIONAL HEAD OFFICE) De Soutter Medical Limited Halton Brook Business Park,...

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