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Total Power, Versatility and Reliability orthodrive® www.de-soutter.com

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High performance motor offers unrivalled large bone reaming and sawing capability

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The new orthodrive ® system is the latest innovation in high performance large bone power tools from De Soutter Medical. The MBQ high torque rotary handpiece provides the surgeon with ample power even for the most demanding acetabular reaming procedures. The new drill/ream handpiece produces 20% more reaming torque and the powerful dedicated sagittal saw cuts through the hardest of bone with ease and precision. P OWE R Through refinements, including our • controllercontinual engineering charging technology, we have fourth generation hybrid motor and intelligent battery increased power by a...

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MBQ-701 Double trigger handpiece fitted with reamer attachment MBQ-700 Single trigger handpiece fitted with A.O. drill chuck See pages 6 and 7 for drilling, reaming, sawing, wire driving and pulse lavage attachment options. Model Order Drilling Reaming Maximum Cannulation code speed speed reaming torque

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DBK-701 Sagittal saw shown with aseptic Li-Ion housing and battery DBC-700 Reciprocating saw shown with sterile Li-Ion battery Ask for Stericut ® catalogue for range of sterile packed saw blades. Order code High speed

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ECOPULSE™ PULSE LAVAGE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Flow rate: variable 0 -1.10 litres/min* Pulse rate: variable 0 - 1300 pulses/min* * Performance figures dependent on battery type. NOZZLES Type Length Order code less suction with suction Bone cleaning 10 cm P20-125 with suction Femoral canal 25 cm P20-122 less suction ECO Pulse pump kits simply "click" into any MBQ rotary handpiece Femoral canal with suction Up to 60% less clinical waste, helping to conserve valuable hospital storage by up to 50%. Femoral canal (high capacity) with suction Femoral brush with suction - • Femoral canal •. nozzle...

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Order Model Chuck Final drive Cannulation code description speed 0 mm DRILLING AND REAMING ADAPTORS 15480 - Small A.O. Synthes/ASIF As handpiece 2.0 Large A.O. Synthes/Protec Fludson Trinkle Zimmer Fludson/Zimmer combi Flarris DHS/DCS Stryker Triathlon® Aesculap Taragon TX SAWING ATTACHMENTS Uses S88 type blades Uses S84type blades 18390 CQ-711 Reciprocating saw. Uses S22 type blades RADIOLUCENT DRILL ADAPTOR TQ-700 Accepts radiolucent drill attachment 90° RADIOLUCENT DRILL ATTACHMENT Uses D56 type As handpiece drill bits WIRE/PIN DRIVERS Variable Wire Driver 0.6 - 2.0 mm cap. Variable Pin...

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BATTERY CHARGERSBC-700 Battery charger shown with aseptic batteries The BC-700 Battery Charger requires minimal user input, simply insert battery and the BC-700 will charge, recover and recondition it to its optimum state. The large touch-screen display with intuitive menu navigation, displays instant battery charge status and condition. Includes a multi-lingual display and other user settings. The BC-700 also offers a unique healthcheck facility, profiling the condition of an individual battery, automatically reconditioning it, to provide optimal capacity. Alternatively, a manual...

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LITHIUM ION ASEPTIC BATTERIES Why choose Lithium Ion battery technology De Soutter Medical Lithium Ion batteries offer the surgical team and sterile services a number of tangible benefits over conventional battery technology. Key advantages are: Li-Ion technology improves battery ‘capacity to weight’ ratio by around 25% when compared to equivalent NiMH or NiCad chemistries. Significantly extends the useable run time of the power tool. Eliminates ‘memory effect’ normally associated with other battery types. De Soutter Medical sterile Li-Ion technology readily withstands repeated machine washing...

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LITHIUM ION STERILE BATTERIES Order code Order code CORDED DIRECT POWER New slim line design. Requires no set-up. Simply connect to the CM-700 Corded Module for instant use. Mains power cordsets 3 metres long. Please specify from options below. UK Euro US/Canada Australia New Zealand Order code 8290 Order code 8300 Order code 8310 Order code 8320 Order code 8320 PS-701 Power supply Order code 17870 Connected to MBQ-701 via corded module. CM-700 Corded module Order code 15720

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STERILISATION CONTAINERS A S E P T I C   B AT T E R Y S T E R I L I S AT I O N   S Y S T E M Set up optional tray contents Sterile tray 3 off handpieces 9 off attachments 2 off aseptic battery housings and shields 2 off handpieces 9 off attachments 2 off aseptic battery housings and shields Aseptic tray Standard wire container Standard and insert tray insert tray S T E R I L E   B AT T E R Y S T E R I L I S AT I O N   S Y S T E M Set up optional tray contents Standard wire container and insert tray Standard insert tray 3 off handpieces 9 off attachments 2 off sterile batteries 2 off handpieces 9 off...

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UNITED KINGDOM (INTERNATIONAL HEAD OFFICE) De Soutter Medical Limited Halton Brook Business Park, Weston Road Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 5WF Tel: +44 (0) 1296 634 000 Fax: +44 (0) 1296 634 033 Email: info@de-soutter.com AUSTRALIA De Soutter Medical Australia Pty Ltd 2/12-14 Apollo Drive, Hallam Victoria 3803 Tel: +61 (0) 3 9702 4441 Fax: +61 (0) 3 9702 4484 Email: australia@de-soutter.com AUSTRIA De Soutter Medical Austria Zweigniederlassung Osterreich Dietrichsteingasse 10, A-3400 Klosterneuburg Tel: +43 (0) 676 96 71 770 Fax: +43 (0) 2243 21 656 Email: austria@de-soutter.com...

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